Looking for dirt bike but not till december

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  1. Looking for anything from a humble MTX to a Africa twin. Aint gonna be out that way till december so anyone leaving around then who has a bike they will be looking to sell before departure for a reasonable price ie 40,000 ish or below give me a bell and we can get something lined up.
    contact me at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    If in doubt,Whip it out!
  2. Hi my name is Bill,
    I'm from Australia.
    I've two machines i plan to sell.
    1 x CR250cc 1996 Honda,rebuilt engine,new chain,new tyres,new wheel bears,new brake pads.
    Price 59,000 baht or ono make an offer.
    Yamaha TY 250cc 1990,rebuilt engine,new chain,tyres 80%.Price 28,000 baht.

    Kenworth Trucks.
  3. Hi
    I have a Honda XL600, maybe to big for what you are after, have had it just over 1 year, its perfect mechanically, and has the big touring tank, about 400 k's per fill. Has new front tyre, new battery, has legal thai rego and all paperwork. Have been to Laos 2 times with it, and done travel aroundThailand with no probs. Asking 90,000 baht or good offer.
    Call me on 06 11 22 99 1 or just email me if you are interested.
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] My name is Pete.
  4. Steiger, Do you have plates and green books for your 2 bikes or import papers only? Thanks John
  5. Hi John!
    It's Steiger here,
    Yes i've only import papers for both motor cycles as these machines are not registed for road use,hence the low 2nd price.
    They were purchase through motorcycle dealer in BKK,i've the papers here.

    Best regards now.

    Kenworth Trucks.
  6. Hi Steiger,

    Is that a trials Yamaha TY 250?
    I have a Honda trials TLR 200 in Udon and it badly needs a rear tyre Trials universal 4.00x18 (block pattern).Know anywhere that stocks this size? You can get up to 3.50 in local manufactured but this looks well undersize against say a pirelli,michelin or dunlop.

    Anyone help?

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