Looking for Ducati ST2, 3 or 4

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  1. Hi All,

    I am looking for a Ducati ST2, 3 or 4, does anybody know one for sale?

    Pleased to hear.


  2. Good luck with your search - one did come up a few years ago.
    As you have seen in the link above there are tons of Monsters.
    If you can get yourself over to Ducati in ThongLor and ask Jay if he knows of any around,
    he's incredibly helpful and may know of a customer who's looking to get rid of his.

    FWIW I found the ST2 gutless and soon traded mine in for a 996, go for an ST4 if you can find one.

    If you are looking for a fully faired tourer you won't go far wrong with this,

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  3. I have had an ST3 before, a great bike with more power than an ST2 but more rideable than an ST4. Sold it immediately when i was finished with it. I would have concerns with overheating in the Thai heat though.


  4. thai heat is no problem for 4v dukes , my S4 runs sweet , there are lots of s4s around too and they make great tourers with a few mods .mine now has 117hp ohlins all round and a gel seat has been to laos, cambo, all of thailand , even burma for a few miles.

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