Looking for excellent leather worker in UTH Area

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  1. Ricohoc

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    I am interested in having a locking mechanism, like the one shown in the picture, put on a pair of saddlebags. It should be relatively easy to bolt the loop that will poke through the opening on the outside of the bag, but I'm interested in finding someone who can put a metal covering around that cut-out area to keep the lock from tearing through it over time.


    Does anyone know of a leather worker in the UTH Area that could pull this off? Of course, I will supply the lock and key.


    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Ricohoc

    Ricohoc Ol'Timer

    Well, after poking around for a few days, and then bringing my 1600 in for a tune up and general maintenance, my motorcylce mechanic recommended a leatherworker across the street from UTH Police.

    Picking up the saddlebags tomorrow (24 hour completion). I'll post the result. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing was lost in translation -- or that he just does what he wants to do.

    You guys who have been here awhile know the drill.
  4. Ricohoc

    Ricohoc Ol'Timer

    Something was lost in translation.

    I ended up with a loop and a hasp that would have been more fitting for a storage shed. Very nice saddlebags now minimized by a very effective, but unattractive lock system.

    Now I'll be out looking for chrome ones to replace them and at least get a more aethetically pleasing look.

  5. Ricohoc

    Ricohoc Ol'Timer

    Got news for all of you. There are no leatherworkers with any common sense or who use measuring devices in UTH.

    Don't waste your time looking for anyone. Do the job yourself. It will come out better than anyone around here could do it.

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