looking for generator stator coil for xv750

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mbox999, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Hi ...my virago had some weak Battery so i went to my mechanic and having it checked ( also for the clutch and carb issues) the outcome is that i need a "generator stator 1RM-81410-20-00 " for Yamaha Virago XV 750 ( same is also in the XV 1100)
    so far i found one here on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-STAT ... ccessories

    but maybe someone knows some Place local where i can get it?


  2. My mechanic had a stator rewound at an electric shop in Chiang Mai to provide higher output-only cost 500 baht. This is a part that is primarily made of copper wire and is not prone to failure. My problem, ultimately, turned out to be a series of faulty voltage regulators, which ARE prone to failure (the electric shop said there was nothing wrong with the stator but I had them rewind it anyway). Maybe there's an electric shop near you that can help? Without disparaging your mechanic, perhaps a second opinion might be in order, considering the difficulty in getting the part?
  3. I have the same bike and problem with charging. I measured the output of the generator stator and found it is only 6v AC each of the 3 leads. That is how I determin what is wrong. The normal output should be around 40-60v AC per phase/lead. Yes, the regulator/rectifier may also be failling, so a step by step repair is in order.
  4. Yes it is, more than the other parts with only the rectifier regulator on SOME bikes failing just as often.

    Its coated copper wire that has a specific gauge and amount of windings to create the current and volts.
    As the coating breaks down and shorts the the current and volts drop, they can go suddenly or gradually no rhyme or reason.

    Can make a bike hard to start or fine when cold then bad when hot, etc, etc.

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