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  1. My name is Andrew Spooner, I am journalist and photographer from London UK. I am widely published and work with the Guardian, Observer, Independent, CNN and BBC. Please check my website - Link removed. I am also the writer of the Footprint guidebook to Thailand (www.footprintbooks.com).

    Later this year I am returning to Thailand to update my book. This will take about 2months. During this period I want to use a motorcycle. At present I am approaching various motorcycle rental outlets in Chiang Mai to see what is possible. Basically I will need something of at least 250cc, preferably offroad and with mechanical support should it become necessary. Most of my riding will be on normal roads and I don't plan to do serious offroad. I want to make a deal with whoever helps me with this. I can offer free advertising space (starting price if you pay cash is THB35,000) in the Footprint guidebook, free recommendation in my book as well as inclusion in any other stories I write.

    I do understand that it might be hard for me to secure something for free but also realise a free advertisement in a Footprint guidebook could help, whoever takes this up, get a lot of business. To that end I am looking to make a good, fair deal.

    I am a 100% bonafide and wouldn't expect anybody to do anything without a signed deal from Footprint guidebooks.

    If you feel you can help please reply to this or send me an email at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].
  2. Andrew
    Best bet will be Mr Mechanic, but I dont like your chances a lot.
    Exactly when are you due in the North?

    Keep The Power On
  3. David,

    Will probably begin working on the guidebook from Nov/Dec. Not sure when I'll want to pick up the bike, though.

    I have some contacts here who sell bike touring packages in Thailand and they might help me set something up as well. I do realise it is going to be tricky. I am even considering buying something but all the registration and papers seem like a total hassle and then i have to sell it on afterwards.

    I did try and send Mr Mechanic an email but it bounced back as unavailable.

    If I just pay cash how much discount should I expect on a months rental with a Baja?

  4. Andrew
    For a buy back deal, the best person to deal with is Peter Reid at Siam Superbike in Bkk.

    Keep The Power On

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