Looking for Kawasaki Concours 1400

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  1. Hi guys

    I know it's hard and thats why i came and asked for assistance from you guys

    im looking for 2008 or newer Kawasaki Concours 1400 LEGIT bike
    i have looked few thai pages but all bikes i saw or have asked are with invoice only and that is not what i'm after, so if any of you guys see or hear that some one is selling or even if they want head to head trasfer to my "Buss" i can consider that.

    so ears and eyes open and thanx for all in advance
    [youtube:21iz4kmx] /youtube:21iz4kmx]
  2. Marco, if You can find a invoice Only Bike and it is the right Price and Fuel Injected You can get a legitimate Plate/Book for it for about 100.000 Baht!I would guess they are a pretty Rare find in Thailand a Bike like that? Good Luck.
  3. Hi Ian

    Yes i know that,,but i dont know how hard it's to get it on books here in this ricefield Ubon town,, everything is so difficult sometimes,,,
    i saw 2 kawas i invoice and price tag 450K,, have to think abt it...

    i heard form my mechanic here that getting book in Ubon is around 60-70K here but havent ask more details as i havent need yet..
  4. I was looking for one before and like you say they seem to be around 450,000B. Makes me wonder if this one has a book at 550,000B, either that or he's a greedy [email protected]
    If you decide to get one registered pretty sure you will have to go to BKK for an emissions test but the waiting list is months.
  5. Tubber

    i think this is same bike on sell 450K in other page,http://www.thaisecondhand.com/_board/ca/data/CA8970099.html, but i call tht guy and he want all cash and no other bike exchange and no book, invoice..
  6. :shock: so he's a cheeky [email protected] too. I took the easy way out and bought an FJR, might be worth giving Vikrom at Red Baron a call or Pattaya Superbikes? All the locals here get cheap sportsbikes in Korat and Harley/ Jap Customs in Ubon. Or it might be the other way round. None have green books but a cheap start if you to to go the legit way and get a book. Don't recall seeing a GTR with a book anywhere. Maybe 59Bike had one?

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