Looking for rainboots


Jan 12, 2005
Does anyone know where I can buy some rainboots - the kind that go over a shoe? I have a good pair of steel-toed boots and a rain suit, and don't want to shell out a lot of money for waterproof motorcycle boots; a pair of simple rain boots should work fine, but I can't find any up here in north Thailand. All I've seen are the kind the farmers use that fit over bare feet (too small to go over a shoe), and some cheap (55 baht), flimsy things I bought from Robinson's that tore on the first use.
Thanks for any help anyone can give.
- Daeng
Aug 3, 2004
Hi Daeng,
It probably won't help you much but I was looking at clothing in a M/C shop in Brisbane today and saw a couple of types of boot covers.
The first were Dririder brand "Overboots" and looked quite strong with ripple sole and Polyseter sides 100% waterproof with a Velcro fastener. Big enough to slip over your whole boot $59.00.

The others were made from rubber and were big enough to stretch over your boots. No fasteners and they looked easy to tear but waterproof and in a compact pack for $25.00. Made in Taiwan. Called "Rubber Stretch Boots".
Don't know if they are available in Thailand.
Good Shopping,

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