Looking for Scooter in Khon Kaen

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  1. I just got into Khon Kaen and am looking for a scooter to get around. My guess is the best way is to rent at first then buy, once I get settled. That said,

    1. Can anyone recommend a good rental shop in town?
    2. Is there a Honda Dream/Wave coming up for sale?

    BTW: Any lines on decent apartments/houses for rent? I'll be working at KKU and in the northeast side of town.


  2. Hi Tony,
    Welcome to Khon Kaen.
    There are a couple of car/bike rental places in the streets near the Sofitel.
    The bike salesrooms, of which there are many do not normally rent out bikes, but there are a number of second hand bike dealers around. Some bikes may be for sale on www.khonkaen.com'
    A lot of places for rent in KK, depends what you are looking for. Also quite a few hotels do very good rates for monthly stays.
    If you would like to email or pm me I can give you my contact details, and would be happy to point out a couple of the shops to you
    Cheers, John
  3. hi , I'm also in KK too.
  4. Hi John
    I just picked up on your email, I've just joined GT Riders as I'm on holiday in Thailand in December and will be in Khon Kaen around the 5th/6th for a week. I'm looking to rent a motor scooter for that time, any suggestions ??
    Cheers, Mike

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