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  1. Anything that can carry 2 people between Chiangmai and Mae Hong Son on a monthly basis without blowing the engine would be of interest, somewhere in the range of 250-500cc. I'm on a very limited salary here so will have to settle for something cheap as long as it runs well enough. I can pick up from Chiangmai or anywhere else in the vicinity.[/b]
  2. What is your price range?
  3. I was hoping to stay below 40kbhat but from what I've seen it seems I might have to stretch the budget a little further. If the bike will make an easy sale later on I could make it up to 55k.
  4. Mmmmmmmh...

    With rego and in good safety condition, maybe it's going to be difficult... 55 KB you can find something not bad but not legit, meaning no papers, no plate... Or something legit, but partly "destroyed"...

    If you want not to worry with the police check-points, better to find a bike with papers and plate.
    So, maybe, if you are not tall both, try to have a look for a second hand Honda CBR 150. It is a very good bike, reliable, not greedy, generally legit and cheap.
    Have a look in some of the numerous shops in CM or try the ads. In your budget, I guess you can find one. Not new but in relatively good condition.

  5. I've seen several Honda Bros 400 with tabien between 45K and 50K THB on mocyc.com.
  6. That's right KZ, many 400cc on mocyc and so on, but we don't know Yoel's "background".

    If he wants to ride "quietly and safety", and no go into some bad trubble, maybe better a pretty nice "little" CBR or so made in Thailand which rides great than a "not so good" 400cc...
    Re-saling later can be a worry too...

    Well, IMHO

  7. gobs, I agree that he would get a better deal with a reliable CBR150R for that kind of money, but he's looking for 250-400cc, and for a bike which can carry two people. I've had two CBR150Rs, a lot speaks for them, but they're not for two-up riding, that's for sure.
  8. Just call me newbie for now. Greetings to David, Gobs, KZ, beddhist and all the usual suspects. For my 2 cent's worth I'd like to add the old reliable Honda Phantom to the list. They come with number plates, can carry 2 up, are made in Thailand so have all parts available, are easy on fuel and are often available in your price range. I saw one on the thaivisa.com or BAHTsold website in the past week for 57000 and it was in Chiang Mai as well. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Roaddhist,

    What you say is very right!


    I must confess that I'm not at all an addict of the customs, and so, many times I "forget" this market... :oops:

    Thanks to you Roaddhist.
    And maybe some great news for Yoel here...

    Cheers, and welcome,

    PS. Next time I have to be aware of this :roll:
  10. Hi Yoel,
    There's a Phantom in Chiang Mai fo 36000 on this page:

    http://classifieds.thaivisa.com/automot ... torcycles/

    Any used vehicle is a gamble but buying from an individual is probably a better bet than from the horse traders in San Patong or San Sai on the weekends ("has oil-why change?"). Chok dee-Michael

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