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  1. My wife and I will be in Chang Mai from 21-27 Sept this year and have never been there. We want to take a full day ride on bikes and instead of bringing our bikes from Bangkok we will need to rent bikes for a day and would like to go with a group (sort of a tour thing) and see the areas outside Chang Mai for a day.

    I heard along time ago that David sets these type excursions up? Would be interested to do this on the 23 or 24th of Sept.

    Also will be staying in a place called Green Tulip House? Or if have better recomendations???

    Look for great responces and thank all in advance.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] :lol:
  2. Hi Dan,

    For accommodation, I have had friends stay at fellow board member Jonadda's guest house. You'd need to give him (John) a bell on 053-227281. He's centrally located and I think 350B/night for a double.

    For bikes, my shop, Tony's Big Bikes now has fully legal plated 400cc SuperFours and Honda VRX 400s so pop in if you fancy a chat and one of our bikes.


  3. Pikey,

    Does your shop or any you know of offer a full day tour as well as rental of a bike? I want to spend at least 1 day outside of Chiang Mai city to see the borders and the mountains. Heard there is a place where you can ride to the top of some mountain and see all of Chiang Mai and another place where you can see all 3 countries?


  4. Hi Dan,

    Most of the guys here, myself included are averse to tours as you are paying a lot of money for something you can do yourself (with the exception of Happy Feet's excellent motard tours!).

    Your best bet would be to rent a bike and buy a couple of DavidFL's maps of the area. That way you can do your own tour and go to Doi Suthep (to see over Chiang Mai) and then further afield to the Golden Triangle (where the 3 countries border each other). If/when you take a bike from me, I will show you some decent routes to take using the maps to make a loose itinery.


  5. Definitely don't waste your time and money on a tour. Traveling in the north is easy and you can see what you want to see and take whatever time you like to do it.

    Look around on this website at some of the suggested trips and what has been done by others. It is not difficult. Pikey's suggestions are sound.

    Semper Fi .... :D
  6. I would agree that the northern parts of Thailand are very easy to tour around yourself.
    David's MHS & new GT maps are perfect for all road travel.
    Posts on these boards give you recommendations on roads & places to stay.
    The new version of Lonely Planet is a remarkable improvement on previous editions.
    Sadly the Footprint Thailand guides which were preeminent have diminished.
    If you are looking for a tour there are many on offer.
    Trans Moto Sport offer a great focused riding experience on supermotards that would be hard to beat,
    but it maybe too much riding for some.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to all that posted. I will take Pikeys advice and just rent a bike off him and do my on 1 or 2 days touring.

    Pikey save me a Super Four. I arrive on 21 Sept and will call you and see you on maybe 23 Sept.

    Again Thanks to all.

  8. Well my Chiang Mai trip has been postponed for now due to work. I will make it to Chiang Mai before the end of this year for sure.

    Just wanted to update everyone and say thanks to the ones that responded to my previous post and a special thanks to Pikey for having everything set up for me in advance.

    Again thanks to all and hope to meet face to face withing the next few months.

    Dan :cry:

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