looking for travelling companion

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  1. Looking for travelling companion[:)]
    Phnom Penh(around 18/01) Vientiane (around 6/02)
    Frenchman "59"still good and trained enduro ridder[:p]
    (using in France and in Morocco KTM 450 EXC)
    Will use 400 DRZ for this trip
    Never been in Cambodia but know and have good GPS(dirt)tracks in LAO[:eek:)]
    Also looking for reports or tracks above N19°30 line, especialy
    in NW and full N of Lao[8)]
    Friendurely . Paul
  2. Paul
    Hope you find someone to ride with.
    If you've got lots of gps tracks for Laos is there any chance you can contribute / share some road & trip reports for Laos?
    Many thanks in advance.
  3. hello David,
    Thanks for your answer .
    I am not sure I put my message in the right chapter .If you think better to put in another place please let me knoW .
    About my Lao last year tracks : It was the first time I used a Garmin 60 cs and was surprised a few time by the uploaded memory (so parts are missing)and when coming back at home it was also the first time I tried to exploit my tracks with a computer and I made some mistakes . So what realy I have saved at the moment is the Waypoints list I pickep up manualy from a 1/1000 000° map and which allowed us (two weeks with Jean -Louis Papaya spa down to Pakse + two weeks up to Hongsa ) to find the way but needs explainations .I am also able to show the Tacks( with Ozie expl.) on your map, but it does not fit truely together .
    Now I am working with a Garmin 276 C with a very large memory and hope to show you nices tracks in a few monthes.
    In a next message I try to insert a few pictures .
    See you on the track one day .Paul.

  4. I am intending to do some riding in cambodia, phnom penh-kratie-stung treng-banlung- sen monorem-PP basically
    Probably start 18-25 january, will need to hire or buy a bike
    Have ridden some offroad, currently have a KTM250exc 2stroke,had drz400 last year.
    would like someone to ride with
    "59"is the same vintage
  5. http://lrally.photosite.com

    Hi Paul
    look at this site. Picture of rally we didi last year from Kh border, Paks-Paksan - VNY. following most time small dirt road bewteen Mekhong and VN border.
    A must

    Laos is so great


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