Looking for used R1150GS or 1200GS

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by Barry Neves, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Barry Neves

    Barry Neves Ol'Timer

    Looking for either of the above - preferably reasonably low mileage machine supplied by official BMW importer (no grey imports!). Either standard GS or GSAdventure - must have all docs in order - registration and Green Book.
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  3. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    If you are in Bkk, have a look on Dynamic Motors, or call Khun Yut
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    N 13.76100
    E 100.50599

    He speaks good english and have good knoledge of GS's
  4. Barry Neves

    Barry Neves Ol'Timer

    Thanks for that Marco! Have been in touch with Yut but there is never one around when u want one! Am keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Dear marco and Barry,

    Thanks for the infos you post on the forum, i am in the same situation, as I am looking for one as well, I would join Barrys description of what I am looking for as well.

    I am coming to LOL as allways, for X'Mas around 17/18 Dec. and hope to find seomething since, keep in touch if you see some interesting ones.
  6. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    I've been in touch 2 or 3 times with Khun Yut by phone. He is very friendly and has very good knowledge about the bikes...

    If you are not a "tyre kicker" just going around (he doesn't like... and I understand that), so if you are REALY interested to purchase a BMW bike through his shop, he told me he can make a search by himself. Just tell him what you're looking for, your phone number and e-mail adress. Can send pictures if needed...
    But can take more or less time. Have to be patient...


    Hi, Azoulay! Only 2 or 3 weeks more, and you are back... Nice for you. Good luck in your search...
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Been dealing with Khun Yut few times by sms and phone + numerous Emails.

    take few days when comes back with answer or soetimes in same day, no problem in there,, but when it's abt the parts or bikes,give him a week or so time.

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