Looking to buy ER6n/f

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  1. I want to buy an ER6n/f. Should have no more than 20.000km. ABS no need.

    Please PM me if you have one for sale.


  2. As an alternative, Nicky, I have a BMW F650GS for sale. 26,000ks. In Chiang Mai. See my ad. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. Still looking!!
  4. Thanks Tony

    This one is for a friend who is moving to Thailand next month and doesn't have a budget for a new one. He has 150-160k

    I used to have a new er6n and sold it 4 months ago to buy the Versys. (grr should have kept the er6 but didn't know then a friend was moving to Thailand)

  5. Not easy to find a second hand ER6n/f for 150-160k Baht... Will he have any money left for proper gear? Insurance? Parts and maintenance? If that's his budget perhaps he should consider something in a lower price bracket?
  6. That money is just for the bike. For the rest he will arrange seperately. In my opinion, one of the first er6ns with around 20-25.000km should be available for 160k

    If all not going to work, I will share my Versys with him since I hardly drive it due to no time and the fact that I just received my Duc.
    Anyhow thanks for the thoughts.
  7. Yeah... I bought a second hand 2009 ER6 for 185k a while back but seller shipped it Logispost and the post office inflicted 20k damage to it which the seller kindly knocked off the price so I got it for 165k, but with 20k of damage.... If you've got a spare bike for your mate that might be the way to go until he saves up a bit more cash.

    If I come across any for sale CHEAP I'll post the link in this thread.

    There are also a couple of places in Bangkok where he can rent an ER6 if he so fancies. BangkokBikeRental (http://www.bangkokbikesrental.com) for example. Ride On! T
  8. My friend may have his for sale as he has gone and bought a Vespa?????????

    I will contact him for you if you want?

    It is an early 2009 in black with very few kms on - I think it may only have 5kms on it? Not sure, what I am sure of is that he can't lean round corners so it has never been ridden properly so to speak.

    He bought the Vespa to pose on :(

  9. Hi there JonnieThai,

    Please send me his number or e-mail to my hotmail address.


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