Looking to buy FJR

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  1. Hi Everyone

    Is any one looking to sell their FJR?

    I'm after:
    1) 2008 model onwards
    2) Not more than 30k KM
    3) Never been dropped
    4) Has the green book, service history and all is legit

    Budget is circa Tb 450-530,000

  2. You might have to up your budget. Mine is 1), 3) and 4), official Yamaha import, but has more than 30,000km. I would be looking for mare than you want to pay but I think most that have them wouldn't want to sell them. Why 30,000km, they go on forever.
  3. KC, Jim is right, most FJR owners I know wouldn't sell and that makes them in the second hand market more expensive as not easy to find. There sometimes are some on thaisecondhand.com or on mocyc.com but I do doubt the legality of the plates as they are older than the official Yamaha imported ones. Wouldn't sell mine either. Good luck in finding one. Cheers, Franz
  4. Thanks Franz and Tubber
    Yes, finding what I want at the price that is legal is going to take some time.

    At 850k new it is probably worth saving for a few more months and buying new.
    Noticed Red Baron has a 2011 Kawasaki GTR in the show room for Tb730k - might have a look at that one as well.

    Can anyone offer a rideability comparison between the FJR and the GTR?
    I've only experince with FZ1's and FJR's

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