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  1. Used bike wanted by older guy in Udon Thani. Bike should be 2-5 years old and suitable for long distance riding but can cope also with some B roads around Udon that aren't well maintained. Since price is very important I am probably looking for a Japanese bike rather than European, but if someone has an 1150GS for a reasonable price I'd be interested to hear. Please include as much info as possible in the response.

  2. Have you went by Jimmies to see what he has in stock?
  3. Hi Ray thanks for the tip. I only just arrived in Udon so I don't know where Jimmies is, I can make it to Tesco's and back without getting lost, that's about it! :? I was hoping to avoid dealers because I worked for one in the States and know how they can be, but if you recommend them sincerely, let me know where they are and I'll check them out.
  4. I really trynot to recommend anything I have bought one there, he did what he said he would do. Other guys complain like hell about him so who knows.

    Ok if you know where Robinsons is. When you leave Robinson drive towards the night market ( train Station) it will be on the left hand side less then a block. Tuk Tuk shop next to it. Small place.

    I would say bargain bargain he is high at first. Remember here when they give you a price generally that does not include a book, add about 70K for a legal bike. That is pretty mucjh standar around hereunfortunatley. Buying one with a book in the first place is the best bet, if you can find one.

    If you turn right at the road before the rail road tracks you will find a Phantom Custom shop on the right side, just before the red light he has some big bikes in there. I've never bought one for him, have no idea if he can get you a book or not.

    From Lotus if you go toward Nong Bua Lampho at the first red light on the left there are some big bikes on display. I dont know anything about them.

    If you go straight through the light about a 1 Klm yuo will see the Big Bike shop, he is the authorized Harley dealer here and he has used bike a well. Again I have never purchased a bike from him.

    That covers all I know about. Other riders will know a lot more then I do.

    There is a place yuo can rent bikes here up to 400CC if you want to take your time in finding one and your n ot goign to use it everyday.

    You might want to check on Baht & Sold, they have a bikes for sale section as does Thai Visa.

    There are several guys who ride together here form time to time if you have interest. The group here are for the most part slow riders. There is another one in Khan Kean, fast riders.

    Lot's to see around here and yes you right questionable roads are part of the game :lol:

    That can end up with some good war stories.
  5. Ray, thanks for all the tips, you sure know your way around. Please call me on my cell phone when you get a chance, I've emailed the number to you.
    Thanks, Dave
  6. I've had the ad on the list for a few days and no replies, so I'd like to clarify that I'd be interested in a bike that's located outside of Udon Thani, I know there aren't many bikes available in Udon. It can be located anywhere between Bangkok and Chaing Rai, including anywhere in Isaan. If you have a bike to sell that you think is what I'm looking for but don't want to post details on the site, please just send me a private message.
    Thanks, Dave

  7. Hi, I'm selling my 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200S to make way for a Gixxer 1000. It's a beautiful, well cared for example. If you're still looking, drop me a line.

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