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  1. Sylvie

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    my name is Sylvie, I am a young french woman leaving in Italy, Rome.
    I am a biker for the past 20 years, as started when I was 16 years old...

    I currently have (for the past 18 years a Suzuki Djebel 650cm3, from 1991 with.....117000 km on the clock!!!! 102000km made by myself around Ireland, Wales, France (and Corsica island), Switzerland, Italy (and Sardaigna island) and Greece, and still hapilly running in the roman traffic, and on the italian country roads, with my friends of RomaMotard.

    I'll have some free time in Thailand from 26th January to 2nd Feb, and I would love to experience descovering Thailand on a bike, maybe with other people...what could you propose around those dates??

    Please help!
    Thanks & ciao from Rome,
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  3. cuddles

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    Hi Sylvie!

    My name is Annie. I'm in the Si Racha/Pattaya area and will be on the dates you have listed.

    I'm currently in the same boat - want to ride but have no idea where to go but would be more than willing to work on making a plan to to go ride with you if you will be in this area of the country.

    I have seen some "big bike" places in Pattaya. I don't know a whole lot but will look into it.

    I tried to get a hold of a place that had advertised enduro trips on this site but have not heard back (hint hint if anyone knows who this person is please let them know I am still interested in renting/purchasing a tour or 10).

    Best regards,
  4. Sylvie

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    I really do't think I'll be in that side of Thailand; sorry; but mostly in the North; or the South.
    Keep intouch if you change area on those dates.
    Also see my post on the North Thailand area.
    Ciao from Tokyo
  5. Sylvie

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    somebody sent me, 2 days ago, an email with title "your post". I have deleted it by mistake; and it is lost now.
    Could you please send it again?
    Sylvie (currently lost in translation-jet lagged in Tokyo)
  6. Sylvie

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