Loop Nan to Bo Kluea and back

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    After a long day of riding from Loei to Nan and making some side-trips I was actually not into a long trip at our “rest day” in Nan. So again it is all Marks fault that we made an more as half-day tour again. But it was great! Actually I liked the scenery more as in the Loei-to-Nan trip.

    We left Nan in northern direction via route 1080 to Pua, easy and at the beginning a nice twisty road. At Pua we made a right turn to route 1256 that directly changes into route 1081. This is the most amazing beautiful road I have done until now I think. It is more or less a road on top of the ridge of an mountain. And with a few small interruptions it is an almost brand new smooth road following the twisty bends of the mountain. You really start to wondering, is someone at the Thai road department a biker?

    I made a small side-trip following route 1257 in direction to Phu Fa, but made a U-turn again to follow route 1081 to Bo Kluea (the salt pit). Now looking on Google Earth route 1257 should be in our next trip!

    We had coffee at a wonderful coffee shop in Bo Kluea …. the best hot chocolate I had in a long time!

    After Bo Kluea we too route 1256 back to Nan, again a beautiful twisty road along the mountains and “Phu Kha National Park”. We made a (paid) side-trip into the national park, but this was not worth the time and money. Well route 1256 ends up in Pua again from where we took route 1080 back to Nan again.

    Again I made a full-report on my web-blog at http://changnoi1.blogspot.com/2012/03/motorbike-trips-loop-nan-to-bo-kluea.html

    Attached files 277218=9191-IMG_0659-R1081. 277218=9192-IMG_0661-R1081. 277218=9193-IMG_0662-CoffeeShopBoKlua. 277218=9194-IMG_0674-AutumR1256. 277218=9195-IMG_0678-SunRiseAlongR101.
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  3. Dougal

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    Nice report and photos Changnoi.

    Love the roads around Nan. Keep 'em coming.
  4. DavidFL

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    Great little report guys. It was good meeting up with you Changnoi1 at the Euro Diner in Chiang Mai.
    MarcusB the top two photos on the left are sensational & perfect examples of why Nan is so brilliant for motorcycle riding.
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    Woohoo! It doesn't get much better than the 1081 and 1256 in Nan! Great pics - I'm envious and hope to join you guys on a future ride soon!

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