Lost in the bush

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  1. Lost in the Bush
    Or where the f**k are we?
    I received a phone call last Tuesday from Pikey.
    ‘Wanna go on a gentleman’s dirt bike ride next Thursday?’
    A contradiction in terms if I ever heard one, anyway he was getting a group together to ride up to a mates Eco Lodge, in the mountains east of the Hot Springs along the 118.
    It sounded a good easy ride, I asked Pikey what bike should I take, ‘oh, either your 250TTR or old Doris, there is a bit of dirt riding, but you’ll be ok.’

    3 of us met at Pikey and Cats place at 10am for a 1 day pleasant ride through the mountains.
    Con and Duncan on Kawasaki 250KLR’s, Pikey on his hotted up 400 Suzuki and me on old Doris.

    All was well as we headed up the old 1001 and through the University for a short cut onto the new 1001 to Phrao.
    Following Pikey , we took a right hand turn East towards the mountains.
    The whole idea was to ride across the range and jump onto the 118, ride just south of the Hot Springs to his mate’s Eco Lodge.

    Pikey assured we would have plenty of time and should get there by 2.00pm.
    We arrived around 5.00pm with around 200 km of hard dirt roads and highways behind us, after getting lost at least 3 times! Great fun and a laugh a minute.

    A great day’s ride was had by all with a very tired bunch of riders arriving back at my place for a feed and a beer.
    Mates on bikes, down and dirty, great fun. All bikes and riders performed effortlessly, with old Doris perhaps a little big and heavy for the tight bush tracks, but she got through, with the rest
    of the guys usually waiting at the next intersection. (I hope they didn’t wait long)

    Just goes to show you need a couple of different bikes to really explore this great part of the world.

    Consulting the map and a comfort stop


    It is only a rumour about Cons weak bladder

    Lost again

    And again

    And again


    Con doing what he knows best

    The track ended here

    Pikey on a steep track

    Pikey decending the 800 m drop
  2. <<>>

    Good report Tom.
    Cant agree with you more - there are two Thailands out there for us to enjoy on bikes.
  3. Great stuff Tom.
  4. A great days ride had by all!

    It was good to have old Doris along, gave me plenty of fag breaks whilst waiting for you to catch up.
  5. Thanks Tom.
    Looks like you had a good time, but maybe trouble with that map. Ho. Ho.
    What & where is the "Eco-Lodge", is that in the old Trekker House area?
  6. Love it Tom. Looks like a great day with not so much rutted slippery track as my one and only attempt at off road. I especially like the getting lost bit which provides a large part of the entertainment.
  7. Nice ride Tom, did you actually count how often you got lost ???? That's the beauty of exploring the backyard, just knowing where to start but having no idea where you will end up 55555. Cheers, Franz
  8. Thanks...a fun and humorous report.

    Lost? I often get lost and think maybe I should change my nick to 'Lost'
  9. Looks like a good ride!

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