lost my camera in Mae Hong Son loop

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  1. On the way from KhunYuam to Mae La noi today I lost my digital camera (canon pro 90 is- that's not a small one, but quite a big camera)) It somehow must have fallen out of my camerabag. I still don't know how. I filed a report at the police station at Khun Yuam and in Mae La noi. But as these pepole hardly speak English, I wonder. At Khun Yuam they wrote everything down, but.....
    To me the most important is the Compact Flash card. On it are about 1000 pictures of my vacation in Birma the past weeks. There are irreplacable and I'm at a loss.
    If some-one is doing the Mae Hong Son loop in the future and wants to stop at Khun Yuam to ask... I'm offering $100 reward for the one who can bring me good news.
    I will look here at the messageboard every day. So please, please help me out here if possible.

    Henk Vink
  2. Let's hope you get your camera back - pictures are very hard to replace.

    Possibly in the future, when ever you get near a internet cafe stop in and download the pics and they can burn them onto a CD for you. The cost is less then a big bottle of beer and removes the chance of lost pics should the camera malfunction or be lost.

    David and Mai
  3. Obviously you are right. But I have stood so many times asking myself shall I do it ? I even considered giving the flashcard to my wife, who went home a week ago and thinking :shall I replace the card with another I'm carrying with me. But hey: loosing a big camera ! My wife wanted to give her camera when she left, but at the latest minute I changed my mind thinking I might forget that camera because it's a lot smaller. if....if ....if. You know how many times I've that question in my thoughts.

    One other question: would someone be so kind (and able) to translate a English letter into Thai for me. Because the police in Khung Yam hardly spoke any English and I asked them to send the camera - if found- to me in the Netherlands (on my expenses of course). Although they asked my address I wonder if they really understood. So if in Thai I might have a better chance.

    Henk Vink
  4. You can do an English to Thai translation online at http://www.suparsit.com

    It is a free service from NEC, they're testing some technology, I've logged in there and had no spam or whatever from the site!

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  5. Brat

    Your link takes you to the site, but all instructions are in Thai. How do you change to English instructions?

  6. Bob-
    Just mouse over the menu options at the top of the page and you will see an english instruction. Go to FAQ, it is listed in Thai and English, as is the home page. I don't know how usefull it is for translations as I didn't take the time to try it tonight.

    Dave Early

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  7. Yep, any Thai on the page has a English equivelant, it will come up if you hold the mouse over that aprt of the page, just experiment!

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