Lots of things can get you besides bad drivers INSECT BITES

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  1. This guy was bitten while we were riding yesterday. Might have been a bee we don't know. It was about a half inch long and dark black. We were on the move he just knocked off and thought he had been stung by a Bee. He thought nothing of it, he had been stung by Bees before and was not alergic.

    Within 20 Min, his throat was swelling, he had thousands of tiny blisters all over his skin. We were about 20 mins outside of Ban Dueng, he wanted to wait until he got back to Udon. But he looked terrible so we convienced how to stop at the ER in Ban Dueng.

    By the time we got there he had lost all feeling in his face and his tongue had swollen so much you could hardly understand him. Would he have been allright for the other 40 Mis to Udon I don't know but it wasn't worth the risk.

    He got the an injection and the additional meds he needed for 140 Baht. We were delayed about two hours, while the injection too effect and they could observe him. the photo is after treatment

    If you get bitten by something and your having more then pain a reaction to the toxins, get medical help quickly, it can kill you. Sound's silly but we all kick in the macho when we get hurt, sometimes that is not the best idea.

    For he first time since I have been here ran across nurse who was nonresponsive in the E.R. She was a four star b--ch. We had to push them to get them busy on him and there were no other patients in th E.R.

    One of the guys who was on the ride who is translator for the Thai Government. The first thing he asked was did the rider have a copy of his passport with him. He didn't the tranlator explained to us not to upset these people. It seem if you can't prove you are in the Coutry legally they can refuse you service and this nurse would be one that would do just that.

    Well each to his own I usually rely on mr Thai drivers license. but that is not proof your in the Country legally. So I'm going to get face a sheet copy and my current vias and put them on the bike. Better safe then sorry.

    Before anyone goes off on this, my experience in these country hopsitals has always been positive until what I saw yeseterday. But it was very real, it would not have bothered that bimbo if he would have died in the E.R. while she was shooting the breeze with her friends playing games on the computer.

    He went to AEk in Udon when we got back they gave him another injection and additional meds. Today the rash is gone but his forearms are still swollen and painful.

    Little update I have gotten a bit of feed back on the net, sounds like he was bitten by a Black Wasp

  2. I'm not a doc but it seems your friend is allergic against this particular bug. He should get medical advice and possibly carry medication. The next time it could be a lethal allergic shock.
  3. Happy that such a worrying incident ended OK.
    On the point of the papers, I understand that one should not only carry passport or copy all the time, but when in charge of a vehicle one should also have copies of the registration book, and insurance as well as the DL. Its easy enough to make copies and stick them somewhere in a plastic bag on the bike or car. I have done this and of course never needed them, but sod's law being what it is.........................
  4. ID: make two color scans of your PP: first page with photo, name and DOB; other scan of the page with visa or last stamp showing date of departure. Then downsize them to size of driver's license and laminate the thing. Keep it with your driver's license, leave the PP at home. I never had a problem yet.
  5. Oh definetley alergic, but news to him, the black Wasp must carry a different type of Toxin the the American Honey Bee and common Wasps there.

    Always a surprise around the corner in Thailand

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