Louang Prabang mechanics/handyman?

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by Marjos, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Am on my way now, vientiane to vang vieng was an easy ride, chilled out there (VV) for a day (ow float), and just before i left this morning met another female rider here: Susan from the US, who appearantly already has been baja-ing around northern Laos for seven weeks now..

    Good to get all the ins and outs and about twelve o'clock i was on my way. Happy camper alll the way, too happy cause about 60 k before Lp i didnt look well enough throu a curve and landed in the gravel and subsequently found myself and bike in the bush (hit the hole). Guardian angel was alert though, and after unfolding myself i seemed unhurt, and so was the Baja! Only thing is, the handlebar is now not straight anymore, and though the bike feels like its still in total balance (wheel alligned with frame and so), i still would like the steerbar straight. Does anybody know a trustworthy mechanic round here?

    time for a relaxing beer lao first though..pfff

  2. Day later: called PVO, they didnt have a preferred handyman, plus as english is my second language i couldnt make it clear that the rest of the bike is perfectly fine. Went to the waterfall this afternoon (with the crooked handlebar), took a refreshing plunge, looked at the baja again and will fix all tomorrow ;-). Love this country.
  3. Marjos
    If you have my Laos guide map, take a look at the Luang Prabang city map & you will see a shop designated as "Mc Service; opposite Jaliya & Mixay Guesthouses, on Phamahapasam Road.
    I worked on my Africa Twin here, & thought the guys at the shop were ok. Maybe it is ok for you too. If it is only a bent handlebar, "tweak it" with a long piece of "steel waterpipe."

    Keep the power on
  4. David,
    Thanks for your reply. And the tip. I must be blind cause of course i have your map *wide grin*, i dont think one can travel without on the bike here in Laos, see it everywhere. In fact, Susan and me were like two girlscouts studying it extensively in VV. I will take a better, closer look at it next time when in need of a mechanic. Because in the meanwhile i went scrounging in the neighbourhood for some spanners and so (took some hand and foot signlanguage) and with some effort managed to put the bike completeley in order, steers like a dream again (even looks like it). Went to Pa Ouk caves this afternoon, easy ridin'. (btw: Have a Transalp at home, good for amsterdam traffic)
    cheers, Marjos

    Be strong, don't be good..

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