Loud motorbikes to get the kick

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    BANGKOK, May 27 (TNA) – Loud motorcycles in Bangkok will see a serious crackdown from the government, starting from next month.

    From 1 June onwards, the Department of Pollution Control and the Metropolitan Police will set up 31 checkpoints across the capital to watch out for offending motorcycles.

    According to Mr. Suphat Wangwongwattana, the department's deputy director-general, an initial pilot project suggests that around 14 percent of all motorbikes in the capital breach the 95 decibel limit.

    There are thought to be a staggering 2.5 million motorcycles on the streets of the capital, with noise pollution a particular problem in inner city areas, such as Yaowarat or the Chinatown area.

    Offending motorcyclists will be slapped with fines of Bt500 under the 1992 Land Traffic Act, and will be banned from using their bikes for 30 days under the 1992 National Environment Act.

    Bikers who fail to solve the problem within the 30 days will be banned from using their cycles until they have demonstrated that their bikes meet the noise regulations.

    As an incentive to motorcyclists to ensure that their machines meet the regulations, bike shops are being asked to offer special deals on the relevant spare parts for the next three months. (TNA)--E006

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