Lovely road from Chai Prakan to Phrao.

Steve Merchant

Dec 11, 2009
For many years most of my travels have been for necessity, getting another visa stamp, taking my wife home to her parents at Tha Ton, etc. I have recently started to realise just how awful some of this travel has become with loads of pushy pick-up drivers and their death defying maneuvers. So yesterday, after a visa run from Doi Saket to Mae Sai and an overnight stop at Tha Ton I got off the main road and found some of the country that inspired me to stay here. 10 ks out of Chai Prakan heading south is a signed turnoff to Phrao (44 ks) and fed up with all the main road traffic I gave it a go. Beautiful countyside, valley with orchards and rice, mountain covered in forest. Road surface quite good, some very tight bends and some steep inclines. Karen villages on the way. Almost no traffic but when something does come its right in the middle cus its expecting nothing coming the other way. Even Phrao to C Mai is a far nicer ride than the Chiang Dao- C Mai highway, its only busy when you get to Maejo. Once it was warm, 11am, it was a pleasure to be out there getting the full pleasure of being a biker in North Thailand. I'd almost forgot how good life could be here!


Jan 5, 2008
I presume that's hwy 1346. If so, Ive been using that road quite often lately and agree its a great ride.
There's also many different ways to get onto 1346 when heading north out of Phrao.
Some take you through beautiful flat farm lands, and others through the back blocks of Phrao were you'll see that the city is bigger than you think.

Only a few KMs north of Phrao