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  1. going to vang vieng this morning after the fog lifts. check out the XE waterfall along the way. was wondering how good a shape the back road to phonsavan through xaysomboune is in. on a sport bike, don't mind dirt, but don't want to have to do 30 km/hr the whole way. dave, found a map, it's a lifesaver, thanks. will do a road report no matter which route i take to phonsavan, then will go out the northeast corner into 'nam probably about the end of the week.
  2. Don-

    Ride up Hwy 13 to Hwy 7 to Phonsovan. As this is your first time I think you will enjoy it much more. It is a beautiful winding road and one of the best rides in Laos. You will have your hands full trying to go through Xaysomboune if you can get through at all.

    Dave Early

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  3. Donnie
    Dont like your chances of pulling that one off, even on a dirt bike, unless you want to trash your bike & end your trip real early!
    So do yourself a favour & take R7 Phou Khoun - Phonsavan - Xam Neua & try to get into Vietnam from either Na Meo or Nam Khan.
    Good luck & keep the posts coming, we enjoy reading them.

    Keep The Power On
  4. thanks for the info guys. had a wonderful ride yesterday except i made the mistake of waiting to long to leave luang prubang and ended up driving after dark. no good. hit a decent size pothole and got some weird noise going on in the back. will try to find a shop around vang vieng this morning. that drive down here was perhaps the best ride i've had in se asia. excellent views.

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