Luang Prabang and back to Vientiane


Jun 1, 2003
Well, it all comes to the end at a certain point and so does my money and so does my holydays. I had a great time in Luang Prabang. The nature is just made out of overwhelming beauty. I had to stop so many times to take photos like never before. When I left L.P I planed a 6 hours ride to Vang Vieng. At the end I made it in 5 hours totally cool and relaxed. In the afternoon I was checking out some more off road around Vang Vieng - oh, there's plenty. If You go out of V.V and pass the cement fabric, a little more further down on the right side, there's a dirtroad, where lotsa trucks driving on. I followed the road and to my surprise the trucks where going to those beautyfull mountains in front of me. There they would move massive pieces of rocks back to the cement fabric. What a disaster. Those mountains are so unique, how can somebody dare to touch them and destroy their beauty. I hade a close look there. Big explosions would make the rocks come loose, leaving big wholes in the mountain, that will be forever damaged. To cool down my anger I was riding off road a little faster then usualy. There's some good jumps possible every 400 or 500 meters. I realy have to come again with my own off road bike and some tubes and tools and then go more deep. Laos has impressed me a lot. It's maybe like Chiang Mai 20 years ago. I will definetely come back here. And thanx David for this great map You've done, for all those hopeless bikers who would never find there ways home again. I'll be back in Thailand in two days.

See Ya'


Feb 11, 2003
sounds like you enjoyed Laos!
your making me jealous sitting back here in cold England!
Back in 3 weeks, see you at Sax, you can tell me where you went off-road around L.P., sounds like a look must be had.
(better get extra stock of Leo and G&T!)