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  1. For you guys who may have been half-heartedly following my mis-adventures after a trouble free 3weeks in Laos, but immediately back in Thailand experienced 4 electrical failures ... html#34756

    will be amused to know that yesterday I finally got my bike back from Piston Shop in Chiang Mai all AOK. 8)

    I should have celebrated by buying a lottery ticket with my bike rego, because yesterdays’ winning number was




    I agree you can’t win them all, but you can have a lot of fun on the road, even with breakdowns.

    Whoever said life here was boring.

    I guess my bike's lucky number has now come & gone, so you all take care now. :lol: :lol:

    Buy a ticket for your bike as my turn's been & gone.
  2. Good to hear your latest Gremlin sorted. I hope thats the last of them and you are not further troubled, although as you say, it does lead to a more interesting life, especially on your lucky streak.
    Not much of a believer in luck on the lottery or cards, but my numbers are 602 and 736, in case lucky for someone else
  3. Oops, actually now that I've checked myself the last 3 numbers were 456 & not 645. :oops:
    But then again you know how the locals like to gamble on the last 3 digits...... so I guess any combination thereof. :lol:

    JG (& others)
    Regarding solving my electrical problems - after taking off all the plastic & checking "everything" they found 2 worn / broken wires. The big plastic battery - mudguard case had come loose on one side & was moving around a lot, & "we" believe putting stress on a few wires & connectors such that 1 wire was exposed & the other quite dodgy. So we think that is it, but only time will tell. :roll:
  4. david,I ve been following your stories since you left Laos!glad that everything is fine now!it s a good warning for me and others AT riders!
    will be back in Laos soon,hope we can meet somewhere!
  5. David,

    Just read through the entire saga. Fabulous trip! The first & last time I was on the RT13 (LP to VT) was in a bus. :oops: Gotta re-trace your route this Nov when I get back there.

    Thinking of shipping the FJR to KL and riding up from there. Plan on spending a full 90 days visa in the region. Based on what I saw, I dont have any concern about the FJR anywhere along the way. But do you or others have any tire suggestions?

    I run Diablo Stradas on the road, but any tough as nails rubber suitable for whatever on/off road conditions may come to pass through Laos (Nov-Jan conditions)? 180/55/ZR17 and 120/70/ZR17
  6. Hi Feejer,
    Just yesterday had second pair of Pirelli Diabolo Rosso, fitted to my FJR.
    Last set did 14,000 km, by then rear tyre had worn flat, squared off, in the middle section , in this state I had a puncture, same as happened after 12,000km on the original Bridgstones. Both times nothing left in tyre, just a small hole through the carcass, this time after crossing a temporary wooden plank bridge.
    Cost around 14,000 Baht for the pair fitted at Yamaha Big Bike shop Khorat (Sibsima Motor Co). difference in feel from old tyre to new is quite marked, I suppose the gradual change over 14K Km is more difficult to detect. These tyres have good grip, wet and dry, and reasonable wear. Not sure if harder tyres so good on the twisty stuff. Cheers, John
  7. John,

    Great to see you're racking up the kM. These bikes sure eat them up fast don't they? I'll definitely give those Rosso's a try once I go through the last set of Stradas I stocked up. 14K is pretty amazing for a sport compound on a high power bike, and hot Isaan roads. I've never been able to get more than 9K on the rear. Always been a 2:1 ratio rear/front as far as replacement. Except for the Avon Storm front that turned to crap after only 4K.

    To get 14K, those Rossos probably have pretty good tread depth and hopefully more puncture resistant. Its those extended, unpaved sections in Laos that are of concern. I was considering going all the way and fitting some Avon Distanzias or Pirelli MT-60R to take any rocks, potholes, and other potential abuse, but fear the on-road performance hit would be too great especially if things get wet.

    Oh well, we roll the dice and takes our chances. Such is life eh?
  8. John

    you have guys email to korat,, i can check if thay have tyres for me,, I currently have Metzeler tyres and they seems to holding good,, done now atb 15K with them and still ok,, but would be good to have one they email so i can check they prices,,,,and drop by
  9. Hi Marco,
    Never used email to contact Khorat so not sure if they are responsive to that. I deal with Khun Nui, who speaks some english. He is the guy who sells the bikes and does the servicing. Just come back from a 500km ride with him and 2 other Yamaha's yesterday, also ran into David U. in Loei for lunch.
    Nui's phone no. is:0878713622 Cheers, John

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