lucky to be alive , hit at 140kph

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  1. coming back from Aranyapratet to pattaya on friday with my wife on the back we were on the 331 near phanat nikom , I was hit from behind whilst cruising at 140kph by a toyota Vigo , lucky I accelerated as my bike started to tank slap and managed to gain control , the pickup did not stop but i followed it and got the plate numbers , driver was a Farang ????

    we then stopped at Bo Thong junction police Box and made a report my wife was really upset ,my rear number plate was bent up like a banana and rear lights all smashed in , could have been much worse .

    Any how police tried to stop the pickup at BoWin but he refused to stop and the driver was traced to pattaya , I just got back from the police station with my wife , The guy was British called Carl Tomson and he was made to pay me 20,000 and the cops have probably screwed him for a lot more more , he was totally un apologetic and very rude to me and the thais did not seem to care that he nearly killed us what an arrogant prick .

    i have already fixed the bike for 3000 baht so its not all bad
  2. Glad you're ok.

    You replaced your smashed Ducati tail light for 3000 Baht???
  3. yeah its same a Buell ones got it off the shelf here in pattaya used one for 1300 bt but will get a fancy German LED one in UK for about £39.
  4. Glad you are both OK - could have been so much worse. Usually it is the Thai drivers who come in for 'stick' - very annoying to hear of a foreigner behaving in such a way.
  5. My wife just found out the cops screwed him for another 50,000 as he was so rude and disrespectful , so he has forked out 70k
    som nom na

    yeah we usually think its the thais but stupidity know no racial boundaries .
  6. ^ good lesson learnt. In my experience farangs in thailand drive much worse than Thais but maybe that's just me.. there's the clueless tourists; the backpackers who've never been on a bike before on scooters (stay clear!); the young men renting big bikes or riding scooters like they would big bikes, in T-shirts; the crazy people who moved here - I guess your Vigo driver was one of those. How could he hit you from behind at 140? Didn't see you in time, or intentionally?

    Happy you're OK, that was a close one!! And: There's only one winner in traffic accidents - the BiB :)
  7. Glad to hear you and your wife are OK Jerry.

    That was a nasty one alright.

    Good to see the Vigo driver got nabbed and stiffed for a good bit of money. What an absolute Tw%t.
  8. Seen it so many times, Farang who come to Thailand with big arrogant chips on their shoulders just cause theyve got a few pennies in their pockets.Egos the size of an elephants ****.Actually reminds me of someone ..
  9. Good to hear you and your wife are ok.
    What irresposible behaviour! Only in LOS.
    In our own countries it would be front page news and they would throw away his licence.

    Did this idiot even show remorse or give a reason?

    Good to see you were not injured.

  10. Glad you got the bastard. You hear so many of these tales and the purpetrater gets away. I bet it has not made him a more responsible driver though. The felung in Pattaya give the rest of the country a bad name. ( maybe not all )
  11. Impressive. Hit up the back @ 140kph! I wonder what speed the car was doing then - 150kph, & no one crashed or lost control. Unbelievable.
    Good to know you are ok & the culprit is out of pocket.
  12. Good to hear you are both ok , bumped up the back at 87mph 2 up, cruising ?

    Must be more to this story, both from pattaya ?

    maybe he has seen you around and was jealous of your bike...Mmm
  13. Seems to me that there are some who are sceptical of your incident. But at least they add their “glad you are ok” to soften the scepticism.
    I think all you need to do is change the 140 speed to 40kph and all will be well. People may then concentrate on the incident and not the story line.
    I got a bump on my top box a week ago at 90k’s on an express way in Singapore. So it does happen
  14. Even at about 20 kmph the pavement is pretty hard. I hit a patch of oil on the hairpin highway beyond Erawan waterfalls and went down. A van had blown its motor and sprayed the highway with oil. It happened too quickly to be scared. I had to ride the remaining 100 km back to Kanchanburi where I spent the next 20 hours in the hospital. I was spraying blood the whole way.


    I can tell you that the stay in a Thai public hospital WAS an experience... both funny and otherwise, but one that I don't hope to repeat. People were sleeping everywhere and the place was crowded with families. I had to strip naked in front of everyone just to put on the skimpy hospital gown. That gave everyone in sight a huge laugh.

  15. And your riding gear?
    You know. Helmet, gloves, jacket, pants etc.
  16. Why do you think I'm laughing? I left it back in Chiang Mai where I live 5 months of the year. I thought it was too bulky to put in the pack when I few down to Bangkok and took the bus to Kanchanaburi. That will teach me.

    But, riding a motorcycle in Thailand is a risk no matter WHAT you wear. Had one of those crazy silver vans been tailgating me like they always do I'd just be scrap meat on the pavement even if I wore a kevlar and steel outfit. There are two certainties when riding motorbikes... You've either ALREADY had an accident or you are GOING to have an accident.


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