Luggage and helmets


Mar 26, 2005
We are on our way in a few days to Bangkok and then to Phnom Penh to buy a bike. We prefer to ride one bike two up and so don't have much space for luggage. In India, we had racks made for the side of the bike to hold our rucksacks and wonder whether this is possible in Phnom Penh. Alternatively, is it possible to buy throw over panniers in Bangkok or Phnom Penh? We have been riding around Sri Lanka and have some cheapo helmets that we bought here. They are not much good but all that is available. can we buy better open face helmets in above mentioned cities?

Jul 6, 2004
I just got back from a week in Chiangmai, I had no riding gear when I arrived in Bangkok so I checked out the local Newspaper and there is a add there for motorcycle riding gear at up to 60% off for this month, check it out it called Paddock.
Also it depends on what your idea is on cheap!
as they say a $10 helmet deserves a $10 head!
I don't think you will finf much in Phnom Phen

It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you get there.


Jan 20, 2003
In Thailand, some of the local helmet brands are not bad - Nippon and Safetymet, to name a few. You will see them at a lot of places, in the 400-600 baht range.

But, XL sizes are VERY hard to find. They don't stock what does not sell here.

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Apr 22, 2003
I fashioned my own light weight pannier bags by buying a couple of shoulder bags from the market and using the staps and adjustable buckles to strap them together to go accross the seat, I also used some of the strapping and put velcro on it to tie it in to selected parts of the frame so they wouldnt slip around. Velcro can be found at most material or sewing shops and its easy to find some one on the side of the road with a sewing machine. But if you want some thing a bit srurdier, most upholstery shops should be able to put something together for you for a token fee and if you run some silicon along the seams it may be quite water proof