Luggage Racks / Sissy Bars / Saddle Bag Brackets - Hong Kong

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    Needed some bolt-on accessories for the new wheels, hunted EBay and found a gentleman in Hong Kong who had exactly what I needed. He was extremely obliging in terms of amending frieght to suit the closer destination, and dispatched items immediately PayPal payment was received, along with an email advising me of dispatch. Items arrived on my CNX doorstep in 4 days! The package also included a Christmas card, and a gift of a large tube of German-sourced Metal Polish! :shock:

    Gentleman's name is Royhui - he said;

    "By the way, I have many other motorcycle accessories. If you are interested in purchasing other items, please feel free to contact me by email [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] and to view, please go to "

    I love it when you get great service, and it deserves to be acknowledged!

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