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  1. Hi all, thanks for such a great board. I'm coming to Thailand to ride, and am wondering if rental bikes come with saddlebags? Or do you just strap a small bag to the back? I didn't see bags in any photos here, but want to do longer trips. thanks! mad
  2. Mike
    Good to know you're heading this way for some riding & fun.
    Re luggage I can highly recommend the Tour Master Deluxe Tail bag from the Cortech Series Bag Collection ... 4F5A932FA#
    With built in straps it’s a breeze to use on any bike, & is big enough to keep you on the road for a week. The tip is don’t bring or carry too much. In North Thai the distances you travel are not great, so there is never far between towns with all the facilities you need. Spend 2 nights in any town every 4 or 5 days & you can do your washing, so you’ve always got clean clothes to wear. No need for mountains of clothes. Check out my touring tips at
    for some ideas.

    Keep the power on
  3. The Tourmaster bag holds 30 liters - about the size of a single touring bike saddlebag. As David says, it is big enough if you travel light. This bag comes with a decent raincover as well.

    Another option that works is using the waterproof bags made for canoeing. Keeps everything dry and clean.

  4. Summer 2003 wife and I did a 2 month tour of Malaysia and Thailand on a Yamaha VMax. It was her first long distance motorcycle trip and I had to carry a laptop computer and a suit (I was due to fly out for a few days twice to do some consulting). We had a Givi top hard box and 2 Kappa hard side boxes. A friend sold his bike and gave me some soft saddlebags and I hung those under the Givi top box. Wife had a knapsack and large purse. We bungee corded a small bag on one side box. It looked like HELL. We made it. However we have friends in Mae Sai, Chiang Mai, and Panang (Malaysia) so we stayed there several days and unpacked into hotels or friends spare rooms.

    If you don't carry a wife who wants the kitchen sink a set of saddle bags will do nicely. I did a 3 week trip in 2001 with just the 2 hard side bags and was fine.

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