Mae Ai, Little house in a big forest.

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    I live in Tha Ton. Had nothing to do yesterday so went out for a ride. Had seen the sign for the above place many times so went for a look expecting a short drive into a forest. Coming out of Mae Ai about 6 kms towards Fang the turn is on the right, road 3037. At first its a well irrigated plantation area, very green considering the dry weather, pretty undulating scene. A few kms in there is a Royal Project on the right side, then the road turned to dirt and dust but soon came back to good cement as it started to climb. Very steep but good road that just went on up and up, much more than I expected. About 15kms of hill then a village on the left and a right to the project mentioned. beyond that the road goes on to what my memory thinks was the Khiew Lom viewpoint. One very steep downhill piece and lots of up and down along the side of a mountain with the road almost obscured by leaf and pine needles, dangerous if wet no doubt. Presently a few work camps doing drainage and barrier work, some sections still broken dirt. Finally came to a junction, a right uphill to Doi Pha Hom Pok campsite, left heading down to Fang. About 14kms of steep downhill broken dirt road with enough ruts and rocks to keep anyone alert. Finally came out at a barrier which is the official entry for the above campsite and park, just 1 or 2 kms from the Fang bypass. No-one stopped me anywhere, I paid no fees. I did this on a very unsuitable bike, a little 135cc Yamaha Spark, very slowly and started a bit late. Best go with someone, rather remote if you fell or had a breakdown. Some of the most dramatic mountains I've seen even in this smoke/haze weather. About 40kms total trip from highway back out to highway (only about 1o kms between these points on the 1028). A lovely half day.
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    Thank you. I believe that is the back way up to Doi Pahampok and I came down that route once. There is also a waterfall in there somewhere. From the NP entrance on the Fang bypass, they only let you go up to the campsite in a 4wd. Not sure about a dirt bike, but not on Spark. However, these little bikes go anywhere, which you see with locals in the mountains, often carrying huge loads too. I have a 250 KLX but when the going gets hard, a little bike would be much better. A 250 dirt bike is just too tall and heavy on serious dirt and steep mountains. Also when it gets slippery.  With a little light bike, much easier to walk alongside driving the bike when you need to. Wonderful area up there and NP areas stay beautifully green all year round, so this time of year is often a great time to visit as no-one is around. Actually I don't mind paying at NPs if they ask. 300 Baht is 6 quid which isn't much really compared to charges in other countries and if the money goes to help the park, then great.

    I guess the question is though, Did you find the Little house in the Big Forest....?
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    Nice one Steve.

    Thanks for this. I think this is the road that goes up to the Lahu Homestay, run by the Phu Manee Hotel in Fang

    I was up that way in 2011, checking how far out the asphalt / concrete went



    The Lahu guys have quite a bit going there with the homestay

    Lahu - Doi Pu Muen: Activities

    & it's probably worth checking out a bit more.

    Lahu - Doi Pu Muen: About Us

    They have a hotel in Fang - the Phu Manee

    Phumanee Lahu Home Hotel Fang ภูมณี ลาหู่ โฮมโฮเทล ฝาง
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