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  1. First choice in town is the Sikon

    IMG_2896. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem

    Straight opposite the entrance to Mae Chaem Hotel - Resort

    IMG_5259. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem

    GPS Waypoint: N18 30.103 E98 21.691

    IMG_0058. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem

    Popular, fresh food & top value for money.

    IMG_2897. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2899. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2901. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem

    Getting a farang breakfast in Mae Chaem is problematic & if you ask the Sikon the night before, they can prepare one for you the next morning.

    IMG_0060. Sikon restaurant - Mae Chaem
  2. The Krua Kong Jan has a reputation for the best food in town.

    Ron Webb, Jurgen & I dropped in here for a meal the night after the Mae Hong Son International Music Night

    We were hungry & each ordered a couple of dishes, thinking they wont be big & it would be no problem to eat.
    Well we were wrong, the servings were huge & the food fantastic. We could not eat all the food & promised ourselves that we would be back to sample their food again.
    What you see in the pic above is only half of our "snack."

    The Krua Kong Jan is on R1088 north of Mae Chaem, on the west (left hand side heading North), 1.7 kms from the main T intersection in town.
    GPS Waypoint: N18 30.830 E98 21.546
    The restaurant also has a superb view from the 1srt floor, where you should dine & enjoy the view.
    You can see Wat Buddha En across the padi fields from the restaurant.
  3. Lung Dang has reopened as Heuan Man Muk & its now a bit of a hot night spot with the Ban Yang Luang sisters running the joint.

    IMG_2887. Heuan Man Muk - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2888. Heuan Man Muk - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2890. Heuan Man Muk - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2889. Heuan Man Muk - Mae Chaem

    The HMM now has music




    Well worth checking out for happy hour....and the food I had there was very good; although I found the seating arrangements not so comfortable.

    The # 1 cook Muk & "owner" behind the bar.


    Madam Muk enjoying a chit chat for happy hour.
    a cute smart clean coffee shop in the centre of town.
    Opposite the Thai Farmers Bank

    IMG_2909. Jang Muang coffee shop - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2910. Jang Muang coffee shop - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2908. Jang Muang coffee shop - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2911. Jang Muang coffee shop - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2962. Koung Nga restaurant - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2963. Koung Nga restaurant - Mae Chaem

    overlooking the rice paddies 300 metres "behind" the hospital


    once one of the most popular in town, but the police have taken their business to the Heuan Man Muk & they pull in the punters there now. Koung Nga is relatively quiet in comparison. But worth checking out at dusk for a quiet bevvy & /or a quick meal.
  6. Another newish spot is the Nui Suan

    IMG_2906. Nui Suan - Mae Chaem

    IMG_2972. Nui Suan - Mae Chaem

    popular with teachers & nurses from what I can gather.
    West of the Mae Chaem hotel - Resort
    Towards the River
    Located in the Soi parallel to the main North-South Street.
  7. Across the river is the Krua Rim Nam Chaem

    IMG_5207. Krua Rim Nam Chaem restaurant - Mae Chaem

    off the street bike parking

    IMG_5209. Krua Rim Nam Chaem restaurant - Mae Chaem

    open air, breezy & a cool spot in the afternoon

    IMG_5210. Krua Rim Nam Chaem restaurant - Mae Chaem

    Riverside dining

    IMG_5214. Krua Rim Nam Chaem restaurant - Mae Chaem

    The lazy Mae Chaem river  view


    the remnants of a cheap tasty lunch rapidly devoured by the starving pillions


    Location, across the river on the west side.
    Cross the bridge & turn left.
    Go downstream 150 metres & it is riverside, opposite the Pam View guesthouse.


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  8. The Jang Muang is no more
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    The new coffee shop in town is the Rai Nuea Mok
    GTR - IMG_2970.JPG

    its bright & comfy & clean,open air
    GTR - IMG_2973.JPG

    GTR - IMG_2968.JPG

    The staff are super friendly
    GTR - IMG_2969.JPG

    plus they crank out some good food in addition to the coffee
    GTR - IMG_2967.JPG

    Location in the main street, roughly opposite the Mae Chaem hotel & 50 metres north of the Sikon restaurant.

    GTR - IMG_2971.JPG
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    A plug for the Rai Nuea Mok for breakfast.

    GTR - IMG_4275.JPG

    Undoubtedly the place to go for a farang brekky in Mae Chaem.
  11. Muk has moved to a big new premises across the river & 700 metres upstream from the bridge

    Muk Restaurant Mae Chaem Grand Opening

    Madam Muk

    Its a restaurant with a view of Doi Inthanon

    the entrance

    There's loads of parking space & for outdoor dining



    Part of the opening night crowd

    the band

    Muk's new Pub & Restaurant is on the west side of the river.
    Cross the bridge in town by the market, turn right & go 700 metres & it is on the left.
    The google maps location
    Google Maps

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