mae hong son by aussies. the saga continues.

Nov 14, 2004
hi dave, i know you have been to timbucktoo and back but lifes a bitch in sydney nsw. to continue on, we left pai with great memories of thai massages(and they do peek and glance farangs). headed 4 mae hong son carving up the tar on the bajas,stopped at pang paek 4 brunch and chang, got the pleasure of buying the local kids a pepsi 2 go with their noodles, we think a sainthood is on the cards with a picki on the wall beside king bob and his lovely pooch fido. the ride still amazes us and brings a grin to our face when we talk about it amongst ourselves, some of us start 2 turn 2 stone, that you can ride so many bends, hoot and hollar and have a great throttle jockey of a time. made it into mae hong son mid arvo, stopping at the crossroads hotel gave them our farang bah cd to play and got severley annebriated. (pissed as newts) when in mae hong son next ask the china publican 2 play the aussies cd!! stayed about a k out of town at the dodgyest shithouse known to man, got cleaned up, out the door and got into a shooting contest with our hosts and their mates, them getting pissed on our absolut vodka, straight up, and us tossing their meekong over our shoulder. shit stuff!! headed 4 town, eating, hurling, and generally merry making, before getting another fantastic thai massage.(no glancing tonight) 1 of us being sober enough to find the way home, me i was just following the brake light in front of me, saying reassuring things like stay upright you pissed idiot, and no use to try for fancy riding now! woke up alive the next day, ready to hit the trails once again.went up to the wat on the hill, then headed for the longneck village out on the burmese border. the people and the place absolutely blew us away. how a tribe of displaced people can endure acts of genicide and can still walk around with a smile on their face. met a lovely family there, the daughter, freida mahjong, beautiful face, friendly smile, speaks great english. she gave us a tour of her village and the longear village. we must have bought every kid there a handfull of lollies, and no one even mentioned michael jackson!! we spent most of the day chilling out with this wonderful family. it amazes us, that as you know, australia has the best social welfare system in the world and all it has done is create a class of bludgers, but you see in the hills in the middle of no where, people with absolutely nothing but dignity and pride can hold it all together. it really gives you a reality check. back to mae hong son for more chang, grub and massage. stayed at a guest house on the lake, had steamboat on the lake listening to thai renditions of popular rock music, we seemed to be the only ones cheering. up to the crossroads once again for more beer and our favourite cd. day four consisted of red ass cheeks with a bolt home to chang mai. just lapping it up all the way, powering thru those curves out of 2nd and 3rd, quik peek over the wrong side of the road, back over the apex. the road was our bitch!! dave you have ridden this loop thousands of times, it may be old hat to you, but we were cheering!! yea we took some calculated risks, lost a little bit of bark, brought smiles to peoples faces, but all in all, the 4 of us had an absolute hoot. thoughts of riding a super motard in northern thailand give us a boner. it will happen, not overnight, but it will happen. send our regards to everyone you see over there, and if anyone reading this is going to the longneck village, send freidas family our regards, the crazy aussie farang bah's. beers, cheers, and watch out for the queers. your mates from the land down under.....
scott harper and the friendly kah too ehs.
load yer gun!!!!!!