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  1. Hi all, I'm sure many of u have been riding up to and around MHS loops.
    Just wanted to ask, if there is sure a place called Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce where u can buy a cert and sticker which reads that u have successfully cleared the 1800plus corners of MHS ???
    If so where is it and how much for the cert ?

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    Try the "Tourist Office" in Mae Hong Son.


    They used to issue them there.


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  3. Great thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info.
    Managed to ride my Wave125 from Singapore up to Mae Sai via MHS.
    Also got my cert on Sat morning just before the close for the long weekend.
  5. At Mae Sot

    At Mae Sai
  6. There has been a small change for issuing these certificates.

    1. The Main office has now moved to the back bypass road to the airport

    the office is officially the Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce
    and it is on a corner, & easily recognised as the sticker covered office


    one little old lady sits inside & will write out a certificate for you

    on the wall is a collection of older certificates

    the other slight change is that the main office is no longer there
    they do have a small aircon booth-cum coffee shop on the same premises for certificates

    However it was shut at the time I viated
    oh well

    So now the new main office location
    Is South of town
    Head down the hill past the Phraya Singhanatracha Monument
    After the PTT on the right, at the first set of traffic lights turn left
    Then take the first U Turn & it is on the left, but on the side slip road.
    GPS Waypoint for those navigationally challenged: N19.29436 E97.96863

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  7. Went to the sticker covered office on the airport bypass road yesterday....Printer either broke down, or is having issues with the stock they use to print the certificate. We were sent to the alternate office/coffee shop across from the Post Office. Gal there printed them up, but used the 20th as the date (we were there on the 21st). I told her it didn't matter, as we actually arrived the night before. Funny thing was, we got lost looking for the other office. Had we known about this office, we could have just walked, as we stayed at the hotel next door. :)

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