Mae Hong Son International Music Night

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  1. Friday 4th May 2012.

    All bikers welcome.
    Come to Mae Hong Son for the night.
    A mini concert by the lake with music from
    1. Karen Long Neck Trio
    2. Shan band.
    3. Thai band.
    4. Aussie John Experience Band.
    5. Various musos from Pai.

    The event is being organised by the Mae Hong Son Guides Association to help
    1. promote Mae Hong Son in the low season.
    2. encourage bikers to ride to Mae Hong Son & do the MHS Loop.
    All riders are welcome.

    This will be a first in MHS with a farang band playing right by the lake.
    Ride to MHS for this trip & they will issue you with a special one-off certificate for the MHS International Music Night.

    Full moon is on the 6th May, so you can see a near full moon rise over the lake.
    The temple lights at Wat Chong Klang / Wat Chom Kham by the lake will be turned on.
    Coloured lights will be in the trees around the lake.
    So it should be a very beautiful setting.

    Food stalls will be set up by the lake.
    The road by the lake outside the Sunflower Restaurant will be closed off.
    The stage will be set up by the lake, opposite The Sunflower Restaurant.

    The Karen long neck villagers from Huay Sua Tao will be present to witness their female star trio playing & singing; so you will be able to get plenty of photos with long neck people.

    Note holidays that week
    Tuesday 1st May is a holiday Labor Day
    Saturday 5th May is a Coronation Day & Monday 6th May is a holiday in lieu.
  2. One I would love to have attended.
    Look forward to the report.
  3. Great program David, mouth watering :)
  4. I'm interested! :smile1:
  5. I'm interested in coming - does anyone know of preferred guest houses in the town, and are they likely to fill up quickly ?
  6. Russ, I've always had good success just going through and finding hotels in close proximity to the event on the maps they provide on their web site. There appears to be quite a few hotels in this area from which to choose.
  7. For accommodation, the MHS Guides Association (organizers of the activities for the night) is setting up a deal for 500 baht at the Panorama Hotel.
    I will have more details after Songkran.

    For those wanting to go, Id recommend going to MHS the long (southern) way, either via Mae Sarieng or Mae Chaem - Khun Yuam, & returning the quick way via Pai.
  8. Thanks Guys,
    I'll keep an eye out for the Panorama deal, but use Agoda to find one if I miss out.
    Cheers, Russ.
  9. An "official" poster

    278456=10380-14 MHSMusicNightPoster.jpg

    Music starts at 7pm. Friday 4th May 2012.
  10. From
    Panorama Hotel
    [email protected] and cc to [email protected]
    Panorama Hotel, 51 Khunlumprapas Road, Muang, Mae Hong Son 58000.
    Tel (66) 53611757 Fax (66) 53611790 Mobile: 0813098894
  11. Some ideas on riding there:

    1. The "long way" - Chiang Mai _ Mae SArieng - Mae Hong Son = approx 41/2 - 5 hrs riding a good steady fast pace.
    2. The "scenic way" - Chiang Mai - Chomthong - Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem - Mae Na Chon - Khun Yuam - Mae Hong Son = approx 4 - 41/2 hrs riding at a good steady pace.
    3. The "quick way" - Chiang Mai - Mae Malai - Pai - Soppong - Mae Hong Son = approx 4 - 4/12 hrs riding at a good steady pace.

    Spend 2 nights in Mae Hong Son & ride up to Mae Aw / Rak Thai / Pang Ung.

    Take it easy on the return & overnight in Pai or Mae Chaem or Mae Sarieng = up to you.

    Form your own little group & go with your riding mates:
    Leave from the Euro Diner in town, or the X-Centre at Mae Rim on the north side of town, or leave from Kad Farang on the south side of town.
  12. Updated Accommodation Suggestions

    1. Piya Guesthouse: 053 611260

    2. Palm House: 053 614022

    3. Rom Thai: Tel: 053 612437

    4. Panorama: Tel: 053 611757. Mobile: 0813098894

    5. Ngam Tha:

    6. Pana huts

    7. Sang Tong Huts
  13. Plan for a ride to the event:

    Repeating David's information from earlier.
    There are several possibilites of routes to the festival. Three are described below:
    1. The "long way" - Chiang Mai _ Mae SArieng - Mae Hong Son = approx 41/2 - 5 hrs riding a good steady fast pace. Over 350Km.
    2. The "scenic way" - Chiang Mai - Chomthong - Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem - Mae Na Chon - Khun Yuam - Mae Hong Son = approx 4 - 41/2 hrs riding at a good steady pace. Distance 285km without going to the peak of Inthanon. That way no park fee payable.
    3. The "quick way" - Chiang Mai - Mae Malai - Pai - Soppong - Mae Hong Son = approx 4 - 4/12 hrs riding at a good steady pace. 250km
    I am guessing that there will be a good number of groups riding and choosing there own way and rate of travel, maybe stopping off for an extra night on the way somewhere.

    I have decided to take the Scenic way there and the shorter route through Pai coming back. Anyone who wishes to join after reading below, you are welcome.
    Leave Friday 8.00am PTT on the LHS of the 108 heading to Hang Dong, after the big junction with second ring road 3029, Big C and is first PTT station abot 1km after you pass Makro on the LHS. There is a PT fuel station just past Makro, but this was closed for refurbishment when checked on 26th March, so carry on to the big PTT. It is shortly before the junction of 108 and 121.
    We will ride along the 108 through Hang Dong and San Patong, maybe stopping to pick up a couple of riders at Inthanon Coffee shop, to Chom Thong. Turn right for Inthanon, telling people at the pay point that we will be going to Mae Chaem, so not paying the National park fee. Left at the second security gate and down a lovely twisty little road to Mae Chaem. Stop for fuel at the PTT and refreshments or lunch. Over open high level roads to Khun Yuam, possibility of stopping at War museum and coffee as desired. Then an easy run into Mae Hong Son on good roads.
    The pace will be to suit the group, with faster riders welcome to take the interesting bits as fast as they wish and meet up later. It is also possible if a small group are desperate to visit the top of Doi Inthanon they could do this and meet up in Mae Chaem.

    Expected to arrive mid afternoon in MHS. The concert will kick off at dusk and run all evening.

    Saturday am, the direct route to Pai and on to Chiang Mai.

    As I said the pace will not be rushed, but it is expected that riders would be happy cruising at 100 to 110kph on open roads, so may not be suited to smaller scooters.

    It will be a fun ride, maybe warm, but at least no smoke and good visibility, possibility of some maybe welcome showers. The concert will be very informal and should be a great atmosphere.
    I hope you can join, wether riding with us or not
  14. super comprehensive info about the event and additional options - thanx David. Will try to make it.
  15. The Piya guesthouse is now full.
    The Ngamtha hotel still has rooms.
  16. I am in again this year
  17. See you there!! :happy5:
  18. I am looking forward to this other great meeting! Hope that many friends can make it.
  19. Only a few weeks away

  20. The MHS International Music Night Part 2: the T-Shirt design is under way in Mae Hong Son.

    This will be a BIG weekend in MHS.
    1. The official opening of the Sunflower festival is on at Khun YUam.
    2. An official re-opening of the Japanese -Thai War museum at Khun Yuam is also on?
    3. The TJ Hamilton - Simon Siinthai Memorial ride is on.

    Please note that accommodation in MHS is heavily booked already, so if you want to go & don't have a room booked now you should get on to it & book a room asap!

    The governor of MHS will officially open the Part 2 Event.
  21. My room is booked...and I'm ready to go!

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