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  1. Hi there,

    My friends and I are going to Chiang Mai for 4days and 4 nights (flying out to BKK on 13-Apr-11 !) and our intentions are to do the Mae Hong son Loop in that time on bikes and a jeep.

    I paid for one of the highly recommended GT rider maps (through this website) over 1 month ago with a view to planning the route etc but it was never received :cry: tried chasing but to no avail...Ive since found this which, if we were to do a section a day, works out nicely

    2 questions really - who would be responsible for sending the maps out?

    and where would be good places to do some elephant riding/shooting/rafting/waterfalls on our route ...(do we have to book these up in advance)

    Many thanks,

    Craig J
  2. Craig
    Please check your email.
  3. Thanks David, much obliged.

    Would you know much about the latter question of where to get involved in outdoor activities?
  4. Craig
    No real need to book these activities in advance. It is low season.
    Rafting might be a bit disappointing right now in the middle of dry season, although it has been unusually wet the last few weeks.
    Shooting there are a few ranges in Chiang Mai.One is next door to the X-Centre Bungy jump, run by Ian Bungy on this forum. Bungy also has some buggies & drift carts you might want to try.
    Elephants you can find in Pai / Mae Hong Son / Mae Taeng, plus out in Mae Chaem on the Khun Yuam road where they have some twin elephants & very rare in the world.

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