Mae Hong Son - Mae Chaem - Chiang Mai

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  1. 21-22 October 2012

    Still catching up......& a few happy snaps from my return to Chiang Mai via Mae Chaem, after the Dan White ride.

    My getaway time from MHS was early afternoon & just right for some nice light most of the way. Once you are passed Khun Yuam you are heading east towards Mae Na Chon / Mae Chaem with the sun behind.

    R1263 Khun Yuam - Mae Na Chon

    Taking photos, standing in the middle of the deserted road & forest this cyclist scared the hell out of me as he silentyly whizzed past.


    To the south a storm was approaching


    it didn't look that good to the North either, after a few minutes snapping away.


    I quickly packed up & took off like a frenzied cyclist, albeit with a real motor between my legs.
    I got splattered with some heavy rain drops from the threatening squall, but after crossing one ridgeline the weather changed radically - & for the better. Phew - no rain gear. Ha Ha.

    A bit of a change eh...

    cabbage central approaching Pang Ung.


    The light started to turn golden at that magic time of the day.



    Talk about a feel good road & view.......


    Closer to Mae Na Chon the "corn dump works.'


    According my info from Mae Chaem, most of this is contract farming with most of the corn going to CP.
    The corn biz has gotten so big that there are sometimes queues of 18 wheels trucks in Mae Chaem waiting to transport the corn out.


    The Inthanon view & run down the hill into Mae Na Chon


    Doi Inthanon about ready for a snooze, Mae Na Chon - Mae Chaem.

  2. For the night in Mae Chaem...time to check out something new


    Simple back to nature earthern huts


    No TV NO Wifi. Brilliant if you want an escape from the big smoke rat race.

    300-350 baht a night. Contact Miss Aom at Lung Dang Coffee in Mae Chaem.
  3. Pottering around Mae Chaem I ticked off another temple that needed to go on the GTR website.
    Wat Jiang


    Rennowed for it's unusual 6 sided chedi



    Mae Chaem is famous for it temples & is gaining a reputation as a traditional cultural centre in North Thailand.
    It is claimed it's temples rival those in Nan, so that makes Mae Chaem worth a night & a leisurely temple cruise through the villages.
    Check it out sometime.
  4. 22 October. Home via R1008 Mae Chaem south.


    Now something that I noted & that the locals in MC were complaining about was the poor state of the roads in & around town.

    The big trucks for the corn & from coal mine were responsible? Yep that would be right I thought.

    And for as long as I can remember people have always complained about the Mae Chaem roads & that for me is 20 years plus! It always detracted from a ride to / from Mae Chaem & most peopole commented on it.

    But then I noted the further you went from Mae Chaem the better the roads were, but still the same trucks.
    Arh it finally dawned on me - the cheating corrupt contractor building the roads in & immediately around Mae Chaem - a local contract & not a provincial one?
    So just look at the thickness of the ashalt on the roads in the pic above - wafer thin almost. It will never last & I can't recall a road in / around Mae Chaem ever lasting 3 wet seasons.
    All just something to think about.

    Back on the road.....R1088 heading south.


    an Inthanon view




    And that's it.
    R108 Chomthong - Hot is under construction going from 2 - 4 lane, but there is little dirt & just a bit of "lane changing" from side to side where are widening the road.
  5. Nice pic - lovely composition.
    Interesting info regarding temples which I will definitely look into next time I'm up.
    What's the road like between Khun Yuam and Mae Chaem - still apple crumble surface?
  6. Rhodie
    R1263 Mae Chaem- Mae Na Chon is bumpy crap asphalt. Mae Na Chon - Khun Yuam is generally all good asphalt.
  7. Thanks for your nice report and infos.
    I might try the earth bungalows in Mae Chaem soon.
    I've already stayed in similar in Phon Phisai,Nongkhai,they are quite nice.
    It looks a bit funny to look at your report not seing the AT on the pics anymore!
    Cheers Lung.
  8. Yes, I am missing the AT as well. Hope not to offend you but it looked much better than the Kawasaki with its ugly nose.

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