Mae Hong Son to Chiang Khong - advice sought.

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  1. Hi all. In December the club I ride with will be doing our annual 10 day North Thailand tour and a couple of these days will be spent riding from Mae Hong Son to Chiang Khong with an overnight stop somewhere in between (not down to Chiang Mai, we're heading there after Chiang Khong).

    We're not new to the area or route, and usually stay at the Thaton Chalet Hotel just north of the bridge over the Kok river, but this is now closed and I'm hoping for some advice from local riders for a nice place to stay, say around 1000 baht/night with at least 16 available rooms/bungalows.

    We're riding H-D baggers and will have some townies with us so one thing we will not be doing is blatting along to compare chicken strips: this is our annual "the missus came too" holiday run with plenty of coffee/cigarette/photo stops...... one time we even had an over-nighter in Pai, having started that morning in MHS! On the 2nd day I want to take the club the "pretty route" via Doi Mae Salong and Mae Fah Luang.

    So my question to y'all is, where would you break the trip? I've had some great advice from David on this forum about maybe forgetting Thaton and heading on to Doi Mae Salong..... but I'm worried that may prove to be a tad too much (considering the nature of the route) for some of the guys and gals who are not seasoned hard core. I'm starting to look at the Chiang Dao Hillside Resort (which is probably way too close to home for most of you locals to have ever used it?).... this will give us a very easy run the next morning up the 107 and 1089 to start the Doi Mae Salong and Mae Fah Luang twisty bits, the afternoon doing the touristy bit in the Golden Triangle and then on to Chiang Khong before dusk.

    Any other routes and/or resorts any of you would recommend? All sensible advice well appreciated guys, thanks. :thumbup:

  2. You can also try Chiangdao Nest at They have 20 cabins and on thursday evenings they very good barbecue buffet
  3. I stayed at the Marrissa Resort at Chiang Dao recently which is very nice. Lakeside setting with great common room and restaurant. 500 baht for a room and extra for a bungalow.
  4. Malee's nature Bungalows also good, across the road from the C D Nest. Not sure how many rooms they have.
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    If you have time in the afternoon, drop in for coffee at Viang Yonok Hotel, by Chiang Saen Lake (see link below).

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  7. Just outside of Chiang Saen check out Ian's Viang Yonok resort right beside the lake & wetlands.
    First class & highly recommended.
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