Mae Kueng

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  1. One of my local rides is the Mae Kueng dam. Its only 5 minutes from my home and I go there a couple of times a week. As I have seen a few reports of the dam here I thought I would just add some different pics.
    As anyone who has been there would know the trip from the back wall to the front wall is closed because of rock falls, and you have to go back to the bottom and back up again. I have tried a few times to get around the dam when they have been doing maintenance and have always been turned back, but a couple of weeks ago the back gate was open and I got in. :)
    There is a road that goes to the top of the hill above the dam.
    Up the top
    The view
    Going back down mg1.
    The road out
  2. Thanks for posting these images as they bring back fond memories. Have been many times over there as there a lot of reservoirs in the direction of Mae Jo along the back roads where it is very peacefull and quiet.


    Seems that they have cut the "grass" a bit as the last time I was there, the road was overgrown as you can see.


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  3. Thanks for some great pics there.

  4. BJ & Auke

    thanx for sharing nice pictures,, really beautiful views

    that is something what we in Flat isaan can't enjoy so we just weating your posts... :wink:

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