Mae Lana Big Lahu New Year

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  1. After a happy & eventful Lahu New Year at Luk Khao Larm in Pang Mapha we were able to find out that OTOP in Pang Mapha has organised a huge Lahu New Year festival for Mae Lana village on March 10th - one night only.

    There will be
    Black Lahu
    Red Lahu
    Striped Lahu
    Thai Yai (Shan)

    Lahu from Doi Musoe in Tak should also be in attendance. There were 10 pickups of Lahu from Tak at Luk Khao Larm when we were there.

    If you're in the area it should be well worth checking out.

    Sean & Richard I hope one of you guys are going to start off the 2009 Soppong Lahu New Report "soon.'

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