Mae on 3 Cache Hides

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  1. I took the 1317 out to Chae Chang where I took the right onto the 5127.

    Here I followed this up towards Mae Pha Haen Reservoir and the kiln where I made my first Cache hide of the day.


    I then took the 2024 up to the 1229 where I took a right & up over the mountain.

    At the 1230, I took a left up to Tha Nuea where I stopped to see the temple developments there. Amazingly, the entire car park now has a roof and there is a massive poster of people with tattoos, maybe that’s where the funding for the roof came from ?





    Take a look at the same place a year ago

    I then watched a guy unload his digger from a trailer with refined skill.




    Further up the 1230 I visited the View Point & made another Cache hide. This location is right in the middle of a loose stone section of a few kilometres but with care, is ridable.




    At the top of the 1230, after all the cows & their splatterings on the tarmac, I turned left back onto the 1317 & then a right towards Huay Hong Khrai, passing School for Life etc along the red dirt track.

    At the end of this section, I turned left down to the centre of the Royal Project and made my way to the Zoo where I made another Cache stash!




    From here I rode south & out of the project, over to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs area and then down the 1317 towards home.


    A nice little ride of 150km.

    You can find out more about GeoCaching here ...

  2. Hey Colin !

    The winds & rain late afternoon's started a couple of weeks ago and blew all that stuff away.

    When you ride along now, even in the city, you keep thinking someone must have chopped trees down to let the light in! Nope, it's blue sky with white whispy clouds during the mornings and then massive cotton wool rumbler's in the afternoons.

    So the country is returning to green !


    Where are all your UK rides for your website ?


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