Mae Ping National Park

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    Route - 108,1103,106,3008,1087,106,1015,108

    Distance = 425km

    Some people would never believe it but I really have missed my bike these past 3 weeks. I collected the bike yesterday from Daeng's workshop where they had manufactured & fitted a new exhaust system.

    I went for a blast last evening but that was just to Samoeng & back so today I wanted, I needed, I had to get out on the road again with this wonderful ride.

    There are no apologies for taking so few road pictures for the first part of my journey, Hang Dong down through Chom Thong and Hot, on the 108 then left onto the 1130 and straight past Doi Tao.





    I was so happy to be riding these brilliant roads that I really couldn't slow my adrenalin down to stop & take so many photos. Besides, I have taken loads of this part of the route before. It wasn't a case of not being arsed! Every minute was pure ecstasy.

    So when I reached Mae Tan, where the 1130 T's with the 106, I turned right, south towards Li.


    This stretch of road is just out of this world. Recently resurfaced, lined & clean, the road is fast and very enjoyable. Just before Li the road returns to the older surface but still good and then a dual carriage way.


    Just after passing through the main street of Li & passing the left turning to 1274 & the Hong Pak also on the left, I found a very insignificant turning on the right which I found to be the 3008.


    This is a super little loop road and winds through the foot hills and is in relatively good condition.



    Eventually it T's with the 1087 and I turn right and stay on this road all the way to its end.






    After paying 10 baht for the bike and 20 baht for me, the local rate available with a Thai Licence, I rode 20 kms on some more brilliant road surface but as with many remote places, the further I rode, the worse it got.






    The road in fact ends at the hidden gem within these mountains. Kaeng Ko, with it's floating houses, where the Ping river does a loop inside this valley before continuing south to Bhumiphol Reservoir near Tak.





    The journey is well worth making even if you have to flash your licence at the gate. Amazingly, whist writing this trip report, I discovered that [url url=]Slash had ridden to the park entrance barrier in 2007 & when confronted with the dual pricing game, turned around and rode away without entering the park.

    After a short stay, I turned around & retraced my ride back.




    At the park entrance I visited the information centre. I asked if they had any Kanom and they apologised & said "tdare me nam yen, aow mai?" They filled my bottle up with thirst quenching cold water for free!

    Out of the park I travelled back to the junction with the 3008 and rode straight on. Like north of Li and some of the park, this surface has been newly laid too. A wonderful ride.



    Before I reached the 106, I saw this massive chedi to my right. Sadly the sign advertising it and therefore it's name, was torn to shreds by wind, I will have to visit this on another day.


    When I finally reached the 106, my smile muscles were aching so bad, as if I had cramps !


    I turned left on the 106 and blasted the 100 kms up to Lamphun and if you haven't tried this road, relatively close to Chiang Mai, it is a really good road.

    Just short of the lights at the junction with the Lamphun circus, I turn left onto the 1015 and rode to San Patong where I turned right onto the 108 back to Hang Dong.

    Sorry Ken & Pikey, I couldn't let you know about this ride, it was totally impromptu, as this morning family arrived to look after Mum & Dad instead me needing to be chauffeur!

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  3. cm das

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    Looks great Ally. I'm going to have to check out Kaeng Ko for myself one of these days.
  4. Ally

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    Mmmm still haven't decided.

    Will make my mind up after a few more km's.

    The look is how I wanted it, without the rear outlet curving forward in a loop and then joining a back box horizontally parallel. It now slants back and joins a larger back box vertically parallel.

    The burble at low revs is nice but I need a second opinion at higher revs or in otherwords, from someone after I just passed them !

    Oh... and I am very fussy so the satisfaction target is higher.

  5. KenYam

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    Hi Ally

    Nice report a bit peppier than usual obviously your very happy to be riding your bike again or have you found a secret stash of GT Kanom ?
    New pipes look good, it will be interesting to see how the chrome ages !
    Has the note changed ? Reports are a lot better with photo's I was pissed I did not have photo's with my first report on pikey's tour.
    The smoke around now is certainly a bummer for rides but Iam sure it wont slow you down - good onya mate

    Ken F

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