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  1. I have a border crossing coming up and have done the route a lot of times now.
    Looking for some possible alternative options or some stop off's that I might not have seen.

    Not a big fan on the main 118, but it gets the job done fast. Ive been to the white temple and the black temple. Ive done the main route up and then via Phayao on the return.

    Ive taken the route via Chiang Dao and up into Mae Salong and Doi Tung and then on to Mae Sai. (Apparently Doi Tung region now has some landslide/mud issues currently too).

    Ive taken the restricted access area along the n.west border then to Mae Sai.

    Ive also gone the east way around (via Phu Chi Fa / Chiang Khong).

    I normally ride up and back the same day, unless there it is worthwhile to stay a night over someplace (or too much ground to cover)

    I am hoping for some possible interesting POI or some alternative suggestions to shake up the route a little or make it more interesting. I dont mind taking the 118, if there are other interesting stop-off's that i havent seen, but prefer the quieter routes with less traffic..and especially if has more nature (forest cover) and more twisties.etc.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    p.s: Oh..and I dont fancy doing the Mae Sot route at the moment (did once before), so will just redo Mae Sai, which is familiar.

  2. We always make a Trip of it if We are going to Mae Sai for any Reason so stay in Chiang Rai! That way there is plenty of time to take different Roads! Lots of alternatives and Spectacular Views so good luck. Whatever You choose to do will be fun!
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  3. Ive only stayed in Chiang Rai twice, and stayed once at The Red Rose, in the Star Wars Room. Haha. Dodgy as hell, but very funny.
    I would stay there again for the fun of it, but heard they knocked it down. :(
    I read a review on it once on something like Trip Advisor. One woman had reviewed it saying it was a great place for kids...lots of kids themes and family friendly. Nearly fell off my seat laughing!
  4. You could consider these 2 interesting options

    1. Take R1338 from R1130 over to Doi Tung

    2. The Golden Horse temple if you have never been there
    The Legend of the Golden Horse Temple
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