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  1. For all you sport bike riders there are (quite) a few really good potholes on the main road(s) from Mae Sai - Chiang Khong.

    From Chiang Saen - Ch Khong it's considerably ratty & potholed the first half before Kiu Khan. The same from Mae Sai - Golden Triangle, lots of small potholes, but not as wide or deep as the Ch Saen - Ch Khong sector.

    I know because the happy go lucky girlfriend singer (HGL G/F S) hit quite a few of them in the car. It's funny how they go (drive), see a big pothole, focus on it & then drive right into it. The same as hitting all the cats eyes down the middle of the road when overtaking.
    It's only after some repetive coaching from the other front seat driver (me the pax) reminding her to only look at the pot holes, but watch the spaces & drive there.
    The same in traffic, don't follow the vehicle, but watch the space. Usually after 20 mins of gentle coaching she gets into the drive routine & we're away having loads of fun. It's almost as enjoyable as riding the bike!

    Oh yeah on R1129m the Ch Saen - Ch Khong road, as you start the "swooping ascent" to Kiu Khan, there's a lot of sand on one hidden left hand bend. Back off until you're 3/4 way up the hill, & past the sand!

    In Chiang Saen, somewhere I have not stayed years, we "discovered" the Sanboonmar Resort. The asking price was 800 baht, but when I queried this, the lovely owner knocked off 300 baht if I did not have breakfast. We skipped brekky & were happy with the 500 baht room, cable TV / Air Con / Clean bathroom with strong hot water. Worth checking out if you're in the area. (But I wonder that a 300 baht breakfast would be like?)
    We also found the best food (fish) at the Krua Chiang Saen riverside restaurant, slightly upstream of town & opposite Gin's Guesthouse. 390 baht = 1 BIG steamed fish + 1 Yam + 1 Vege dish + mixers for the Jameson's Whisky.

    Also spotted on the road was BobS leading a couple of 250 Baja riders around; & as BobS found out no 95 octane at the Shell gas station in Mae Kachan.
    There's also no 95 Octane anywhere in Fang, but the tip is head north of Fang, about 3-4 kms & there's a Cosmo with 95.
    But there's 95 in Chiang Saen.
    In Chiang Khong there's none at the PTT south of town, but is at the mickey mouse pump, on the town ring road, (same street as the CK Resort.)

    Take care, ride safe & enjoy.
    In Chiang Khong, Baan Fai Guesthouse has Honda Dream / Waves for rent.
    The gossip in CK also is that the Brit riders (Phantom & Triumph) from Mae Chan cruise over to CK every two weeks for a steak lunch. What a life some guys have!

    For food in CK,
    1. Tamila has the best bread, cakes & coffee.
    2. Easy Bar & Restaurant is the best value for money, huge servings, low prices & all good fresh tasty food. Plus a pool table & lots of good info for Laos.
    3. Lomtawan Pub & Restaurant has best atmosphere, music, service & food. And is also reasonable value for money.

    The quickest way from Chiang Khong to Chiang Rai is currently via R1020 & 1152. All roads are in good condition. From CK turn off at Ban Tal, approx 50-52 kms south of CK, then stay on R1152 for Payamengrai all the way to Hua Doi & R1020 again, for a short 6 kms blast to the CEI super & R1.
    R1174 used to be the quickest way to / from CEI- CK, but the road surface is very patchy & breaking up.
  3. Correction - the Brit Riders from MaeChan & BanMai (Phanton & Triumph) go every couple of weeks for American Breakfast!

    Second the comments on the state of roads. In some places there is almost no tarmac - all potholes. Take care!
  4. David
    Thanks for the correction re breakfast. Maybe it's a late breakfast you guys are having? Whatever, it sounds as if you certainly are in the right spot for the best value for money food in CK. How'd you settle on Easy Bar in CK?
    Any idea on the state of the Mouang Khan - Suan Dok river road?
    If you've got any road tips & info to share from your GT Mekong rides please post them on the board. Every little bit helps.
    The sunflowers were out blooming beautifully on "Kiu Khan hill" when I went through with madam in the car.
  5. Stayed in guesthouse in CK 3 years ago & remembered something of the place. Liked the look of Easy Bar so keep going- pleasant service. nice food & a little English spoken. Scenery along road to CK is lovely & good views so we keep going! Will post any road reports worthy of mention but so far can only confirm your own view. Have no idea as to state of Mouang Kan Suang Dok road sorry. Been along MaeSalong road a few times recently & ridden down various side roads along there, mostly OK but every now & again some pretty deep potholes, usually on a bend & just where you would normally want your wheels to be. So again, my advice is to be careful!
  6. David
    Please hit us with some road & trip reports if you're out riding.
  7. The sunflowers were out blooming beautifully on "Kiu Khan hill" when I went through with madam in the car.

    Just catching up.
    A couple of pics of "madam" the Happy Go Lucky Singer with her car & the sunflowers on R1129 / the "Kiu Khan hill."

    She's a lovely gal with an absolute heart of gold. Totally honest sincere, caring, loving...
  8. David
    How are the American breakfasts & potholes going?
  9. Went up to Chiang Khong yesterday so great minds must think alike! Road from ChiangSaen is greatly improved. Piece where there were only holes & no road has been resurfaced, 2 S bends nearer CK end where it was very rough have been resurfaced & a lot of the potholes have been "repaired" Still a bit rough in places but much better. Nearer you get to CK the better it gets. MaiSai end had been "repaired" last time I was there about 3 weeks ago, only by using stone to fill the holes. Most of the holes were still there & the stone scattered all over the road.Whether its been done properly yet I do not know. Will report next time I'm on that road. ABF still as good as ever - Easy Bar is always good & friendly!

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