Mae Sai Motorcycle Parking

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  1. Many guys go to Mae Sai & probably cross over to Tachilek for a bit of shopping.
    It's not always easy to find a suitable parking spot + leave you riding gear somewhere.

    For a few years I used to park outside the Rim Nam restaurant "under" the bridge on the left hand side, & then leave my helmet & jacket inside in the storeroom beside the kitchen. On the way back I always had a bite to eat & drink to pay for the service.
    However the last couple of years traffic is too thick there & it aint always possible now to get a parking spot right outside, so the Burmese guys could watch over my bike.

    So I moved on up the road to the Sang Lar car park.




    You can park your bike under cover,plus hang your jacket & helmet up on the "wall hooks" with the staff car park attendants watching over your gear.
    Cost 20 baht.
    No big deal & well worth it.

    From the back of the car park you walk up the stairs straight into Sang Lar shop,

    where you can have a nice coffee or cuppa tea (or a cold beer) then stroll a few doors down to the immigration & over the bridge you go.

    To get to Sang Lar car park, follow the main road down alongside the bridge to the river, turn right, go under the bridge & take the first drive way on the right (immediately after you go under the bridge & "up" on the other side.)

  2. Good to know, thanks for sharing...

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