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    Umporn Resort
    GT Rider happy hour food
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  3. DavidFL

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    GPS WAYPOINT: N20 25.217 E99 53.437



    Breakfast for Moto-Rex

    Breakfast fort David Unk

    The restaurant looks like a regular cheap Thai lunch spot, but the owner-cook used to work at a "name" hotel in Pattaya, & so steaks & farang food (spaghetti & lasagne) are the house specialty.
    Good value for money. Check it out sometime & you will be surprised.
    Located on Route 1290, the "new" super from Mae Sai to the Golden Triangle.
    650 metres from the start / intersection with Route 1.
  4. DavidFL

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    Mae Sai Breakfast
    A real serious task for us farang.

    But try the Top North Hotel


    with fresh coffee / cappuccino too.
  5. DavidFL

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    Green House






    a sweet little restaurant mainly cooking farang food.
    They recently came 3rd in a Makro cooking competition in Hang Dong. (2nd place went to Seepak, my fave in Mae Rim. 1st to a big restaurant in Khampaeng Phet.)
    Green House was / is a rival to Laab Lung Air, but Lung Air seems to have temporarily vanished from the scene in Mae Sai. Lung Air moved in JUly to a new location, west of town on the new Doi Tung road, but it looks like they have since gone again, lasting only a few months. But I do need to check again.
    Green House food is cheap, tasty & value for money. Sorry no pics - I was too busy talking to Boy the cook.

    Location, not easy to find.
    GPS Waypoint: N20 26 17.9 E99 53 02.6
    In a soi Muang Dang Soi 1.
    parallel to the main street, east of the highway.
    One block North (closer to the bridge) of the Bangkok Bank & 7-11.
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    Doi Wao Coffee


    up on top of the hill next to Wat Doi Wao temple overlooking Mae Sai.


    Opened only 2 years & only just discovered by me - I'm a bit slow



    but this is a gem of a spot for a cuppa, some food & a sweet view overlooking Mae Sai / Tachilek


    Plus you can get a nice fresh breeze on a hot day.

  7. DavidFL

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    A couple of food pics from GreenHouse.
    Simple food, but cheap & good value for money.

    Breakfast - pork steak / bacon / cheese


    Beef steak with red wine sauce


    Fish steak - dolly fish


    Nothing over 150 baht.

    I'm perplexed - finding a decent eating restaurant in Mae Sai is not easy.
    They all seem to come * go in 6-9 months - flash in the pan.

    Laab Lung Air is gone.
    Umporn Resort used to have great food, but only in the high season & if the same cook cook comes back.
    The Fai Kham Pub is gone & they used to have great food.
    Labieng Kaew is gone.
    The list is endless.
    But there was a "new one" that was impressive....more to come.
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    Somewhere new & somewhere different...

    The Tea & Plant Oils Development centre.

    On the grounds of the Tea & Plant Oils Centre
    South of Mae Sai
    At the intersection with R1149 / R1290
    The Doi Tung & Golden Triangle roads.

    A magic cool spot





    Loadsa health foods. The GF had a delicious yam fruit salad - sweet & spicy


    The old boy had a caesar salad & a sensational thirst quencher of a drink - lavender / lemon / soda.

    so good was the drink that I had TWO.

    Im not sure of the restaurant opening time, but closing was 8PM they said.
    Recommended for a a cool relaxing late afternoon break.

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    That looks sensational and has just become our groups lunch spot for our day between Chiang Khong and Mae Salong in December.

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