Mae Sot to Mae Sarieng in the wet season.

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  1. Mae Sot to Mae Sarieng.

    This is an update on the condition of hwy 105 from Mae Sot to Mae Sarieng.

    As you see by the photos, the road surface variers from race track, to war zone.

    I rode this road in late July, which I think is a great time to be on the road, you do get a wet now and then, but its nice riding in the cool air, and the smell of the lush jungle is a bonus.

    More about Mae Sarieng and its surroundings in Ron Webb’s report here.

    I never really liked the town of Mae Sot in the past, but it seems to be going through a major transformation of late, with new hotels and restaurants, as well as some great nightlife venues on the out skirts of town with live bands etc.

    ‘The way’ shows just how close hwy 105 is to the bay of Bengal, Gulf of Martaban, Andaman sea or what ever that body of water is called where the Phantom (Ghost who walks) lives in a cave shaped like a skull.


    I know we all get a bit “templed out” but Mae Sot has a few that are interesting to have a look at.

    The mirrors that decorate this temple come from the same manufacture that supplied the mirror’s that were used to make the Disco mirrored ball in the movie Saturday night fever.



    Service with a smile, as I top up before heading north.

    Great time of the year to be out on the road.

    Photos say it all.


    One of the refugee camps located on the highway.




    Riding along through here is a pretty good way to spend the day.


    Looking across the swollen river that divides Burma and Thailand. Not sure of the rivers name?



    Some of the new section of road.

    And some of the road works which I think may have come to a halt till the rain stops.

    There’s still plenty of the original tar road left which has a top coat of mould to keep you awake in those tight corners.


    All up, there’s around 20kms of this.

    Then back to this.



    Good spot for a “splash and dash”

    Back in Mae Sarieng after a very enjoyable ride.

    On Ron Webb’s recommendation I booked into the Huen Kham Kong guesthouse which is a ripper.

    Now only 500 baht per night

    When I woke up in the morning I looked out to see that the owner had set up an umbrella to keep the rain of the KLX. Now that’s service.

    When this road is complete, which I’d say could be a few years away. It’s going to be one of the great rides of south east asia I reckon.

  2. Stunning fotos of an even more stunning scenery Rex ! That road looks awesome anyway, a 'need to go' one. BTW what did the owner of the Guesthouse protect ? All that dirt again on the bike, wouldn't have been better to have it totally accessible to the raindrops so to wash some grime away 5555, rgds, FR
  3. Good one Moto-Rex.
    I rode this route on my 650 Ninja a few weeks ago in the pouring rain.
    Great scenery unbelievable I think the best scenery I have seen in Thailand so diverse Mountains - Rivers - Refugee camps- Waterfalls - Land Slides- Good Road - Bad Road - No Road- Tribal people- Temples so many things to see on this road I would like to do it in the dry with more time next time.
    Well done mate.
  4. Nice one Rex!

    I remember last year around this time the 105 was impassable due to many of the low lying areas and bridges being completely under water.

    Slowly but surely they are making the 105 into yet another superbike road.

    Why are they building these stunning roads in remote areas where hardly anyone goes?

    I have no idea.

    But I like it!! :happy5:
  5. Tony, understand that these roads will serve the main road that is being built entering Thailand at Mae Sot from Burma. Thats why Mae Sot is becoming so busy with land prices going through the roof, new hotels, restaurants, bars and all the associated services that travelers need.
    This is part of the road system that will go from India, through Burma into Thailand.
    We live in interesting times!
  6. Another great report and photo's Moto-Rex...

    Love the umbrella shielding the KLX.. Might get one for my KLX in Bangkok ;-)

  7. Rex,
    Good pics, Thanks..... another area I'll need to check out some time.
  8. Thank you for the update and attractive pictures Rex. I love this trail with his large Karen population and amazing encounters. I also hope that Mae Sot could soon become an open link to Burma.
  9. These are exciting times, and wouldn't it be amazing to be able to ride all the way to India and beyond via Myanmar??

    If all goes to plan we could see this dream become a reality quite soon.

    [h=1]India-Thailand highway to be ready by 2016[/h]
    TNN Aug 13, 2012, 02.36AM IST

    NEW DELHI: A 3,200-km trilateral highway linking India, Myanmar and Thailand will become a reality by 2016. India has given a $500 million loan to Myanmar, some of which will be used to fund the highway, said Anil Wadhwa, India's ambassador to Thailand.
    In an interview to Thai newspaper The Nation, Wadhwa said the four-day India-Asean summit to be held on December 19 will focus on connectivity with Asean countries. Separately, sources said, Myanmar President Thein Sein, Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra and PM Manmohan Singh are expected to meet on the sidelines of the summit to push forward the trilateral highway project.

    Full Article:
  10. A great area to ride Rex i did it last November during the big wet on my heavy V Strom. Very wet and the dozers were permanently camped, for a while did not think that i would get through. But what an interesting ride and a look at the refugee camps is just something.


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