MaeHonSon Twisites.

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  1. Many a report has been written about this famous or rather infamous 1864 corners (from CNX to MHS)...but for those of us who made it an annual 6000km roundtrip pilgrmage from Kuala Lumpur to CNX via Hatyai, chumpon,kancanaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Chai Nat, Tat, Mae Sot, MAe Sariang then Mae Hon Son, Pai and finally CNX...we would have done closer to twisting and leaning onto 4,000+ corners :lol: Some of 'em corners are treacherous while others are a stroll in the park. Some you can just lean, throttle and power up. Others you will run a risk of on-coming vehicles in eating into your line!

    For what is is worth..As promised during the Loy Kratong BBQ.
    here's a sample video clip of some of the twisties...

    joko-on-d-GO!!!!!!!!again next year!


    ...Yes, my finger-joints are still numb & throbbing, 5days after returning home. taken with a sony digital T9 camera mounted on the left hand rear mirror handle...on/off button operated with and sometimes, without glove!
  2. G'Day Joko...

    Great stuff...

    I have posted the link on the Australian forum where I lurk to make the [email protected]@rds very jealous...

    I notice that it has already had 99 views on YouTube... your famous already!!!

    I haven't made it to you in my reports yet... but it is coming...

  3. joko nice bro :D

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