Maeklong...more To See.

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    I guess many people have heard of the famous Maeklong market where the train runs thru the heart of the marketplace several time a is now a tourist madhouse, particularly on the weekend but still a must see. However, there is so much more to see in the area.

    Take a trip out to see the famous Wat Ban Kung, a 400 year old temple completely overgrown by a tree with a magnificent Buddha inside and ancient frescos still visible on the outside.

    Ride out away from the horrid Amphawa floating market and get into the smaller surrounding areas....lots of canals, small arch bridges and wonderful architecture.

    Jump on a ferry behind the Maeklong train station and for Bht3 go back and forward across the Maeklong river at sunset and just take in the sights. IMG_20170820_104753. IMG_20170820_104753. IMG_20170820_155321. IMG_20170820_155045. IMG_20170820_154949. IMG_20170820_104753. IMG_20170820_155321. IMG_20170820_155045. IMG_20170820_154949. IMG_20170820_154601. IMG_20170820_150143. IMG_20170820_145844. IMG_20170820_145858. IMG_20170820_145944. IMG_20170820_172220. IMG_20170820_172224. IMG_20170821_071336.
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