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  1. FWIW....
    I'd bought a helmet from Paddock Pro Shop in Bangkok, last December 2006. Since then, encounters with dust, gravel and flying insects prompted me to order a replacement face shield from Paddock ProShop last week, though my original face shield is still usable. I was concerned about buying over the Internet, especially in Thailand, but Paddock proved my concerns to be unwarranted. I received a quick reply to my inquiry about product price and availability and ordered the following day. Four days later, delayed by the weekend, the package arrived at my local post office, dented, but with the face shield in good condition. The package was sent COD. I'll not hesitate to use Paddock again, though I will inquire if I can pay in advance, avoiding the COD charge, and pay only for postage . The shield cost 1000-Bt, which is the same price as the identical shield sells for in the US. The e-mail contact at Paddock was Khun Titarat at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]. His English is excellent.
  2. Thats good service for Thailand.
  3. Morning Lads

    I have to say same as swell,, even haven’t got anything from Paddock yet, but when i was inquiring about helmet,, i was replied to my questions 5 times with in few hour's,, and every time friendly no hassle mails, info about options how to get my thing's IF i decide to get it.

    I will not order helmet's online but it's good to know that service works and its liable if and when need of spares arise.
  4. so how do you pay ?? on collection ?
  5. Great info thanks.

    I just emailed them to find out if they have an inventory list. I'll pass on their reply.
  6. You might want to go here first
  7. Yep, at the post office...that's why my post mentioned "The package was sent COD." COD means 'cash on delivery'.

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